Why you should Install Soundproof Sash Windows

Thinking of doing something about the noise coming in through your sash windows? It can be annoying to have endless noise streaming into the room when all you want is some quiet and rest. If this describes the situation you go through on most days, you may want to consider installing soundproof sash windows.

These look just like your existing sash windows but have the extra advantage of blocking noise infiltration. What makes soundproof sash windows such an attractive option is that they allow you to retain the existing beauty of your window.  

Another advantage with these types of windows is that they provide a permanent solution to the noise problem. There are multiple other noise cancelling window technologies that purport to keep the noise out, which you may be tempted to choose. But should you? We analyse the benefits that make soundproof sash windows the best alternative.

Benefits of installing soundproof sash windows

  1. It’s the only option that guarantees noise reduction 100%

By installing soundproof sash windows instead of merely having a layer of glazing added to your window, you’re 100% guaranteed of seeing results. Single layer glazing, which is the cheapest option of soundproofing windows, only provides a negligible reduction in noise.

  1. Soundproof windows are engineered to suppress coincidence effect

Unlike regular windows, soundproof sash windows consist of two glass thicknesses. In normal window glass with glazing, there is a point at which the wavelength of the noise sound is similar to the wavelength of the partition. Within this frequency, noise is amplified instead of being suppressed.

Using two glass thicknesses instead of a uniform thickness cancels out the coincidence effect, ensuring that noise is locked out at all times.

  1. Laminated glass improves noise reduction

Soundproof sash windows are laminated using either ethylene-vinyl acetate or polyvinyl butyral. When they come into contact with the glazing, these laminates create a hydrocarbon bond which adds an additional noise attenuation layer.  

  1. No risk of moisture build-up

When you add glazing to a sash window, there is a risk that moisture could accumulate in the glass. As you would have no way of eliminating this moisture, it could lead to mould and all its resultant negative effects. It’s also likely to cause structural damage to your windows.

Soundproof sash windows carry no such risk. They are manufactured in a highly regulated engineering process which bonds the glass, glazing and laminates perfectly, leaving no point of entry for condensation.

In the future, should condensation occur inside the glazing due to normal tear and wear, contact the window company so they can replace the seals and curb the problem.

  1. Maintains the aesthetic value of your windows

Since soundproof sash windows do not alter the original look of your windows, you’re able to enjoy the same good looks your house has maintained over the years.

For this reason, soundproof sash windows can be used in conservation areas. You may require planning permission to install them, which is unlikely to be a problem since they’re an exact replica of your existing windows.   

You don’t have to tolerate high levels of noise in your house.

Using durable soundproof sash windows will minimize noise transmission inside your home, allowing you to enjoy much needed quiet in the midst of bustling surroundings.

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