Why Vinyl Tiles are the Best for Your Kitchen Floor

Getting the right floor covering for your kitchen can be a difficult task. Most activities in the kitchen increase the risk of damaging the floor, creating the need for a strong and durable material, with amazing aesthetics that will make your kitchen appealing to your friends and family. Vinyl tiles have ideal qualities that guarantee maximum functionality in your kitchen. These unique properties are discussed below.

They are 100% waterproof

Vinyl is a water-resistant material. It is the main reason why vinyl flooring is the most popular choice for kitchen flooring. When installing vinyl tiles, the seams between pieces are sealed with a waterproof material to prevent moisture and liquids from penetrating to the subfloor. You can find quality waterproof flooring options at www.firmfitfloor.com. Vinyl sheets have a uniform waterproof layer all through the sheet and the edges are tightly attached to the wall.

Easy to maintain

You will not have much trouble cleaning the floor as vinyl floors are almost stain resistant. Wiping off spills using a wet towel is enough to maintain the vibrant appeal of your floor for a long period of time. A basic cleaning routine such as mopping and sweeping regularly is enough. You can occasionally mop using warm water or a mild detergent that is specifically recommended for cleaning vinyl floors. Always rinse your floor well to eliminate any remaining soap residue.


Vinyl tiles feel soft on the feet and are best in situations where you will be standing for long periods of time. You can do your cooking and cleaning barefoot and you are less likely to suffer from cold feet as vinyl flooring materials are relatively warm. The soft feel also reduces the chances of breakages when you drop utensils accidentally. These qualities assure you of a comfortable and safe time as you carry out your duties in the kitchen.

Beautiful designs

You cannot exhaust the available designs of vinyl floors available for you to choose from. This is because these materials are manufactured having a printed layer that mimics all other flooring options including hardwood, stone and ceramic tiles. Modern technology has even made it possible to create a texture that feels similar to the original material being simulated. You can have that luxurious and classy kitchen at an affordable cost.

Quick installation

One unique feature of LVT flooring is the short time the installation process takes. With self-adhesive vinyl tiles or interlocking vinyl tiles, you can start using your kitchen immediately after installation and cleaning are completed. Vinyl flooring can be done on top of other types of floors, slashing installation costs considerably.

Purchasing vinyl tiles can be done online. This will save you money and time. Remember to check reviews and recommendations before settling on which company to purchase from. All these qualities confirm that vinyl tiles are the best flooring option for your dream kitchen remodelling process.

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