Why Is Texas Seeing Such a Boom in Property Seekers?

Analysis on where people are moving to within the USA for the last few years has seen that the state of Texas has had more people looking to buy property than any other state, meaning that an unprecedented number of people are moving south to Texas. Texas is known for its size, and friendly people, but there are a lot of other reasons why a lot of smart Americans are choosing to relocate to Texas right now. With cities like Dallas, Austin and Houston seeing some of the biggest population booms in all of the US, largely down to domestic relocation, here we take a look at what is drawing so many people to the state at the moment.

It Is Easier to Find Work

Being able to get reliable work is a key factor in where most people of working age choose to live, and this has been something of a problem in a lot of places in America since the economic problems of 2007 and onwards set in. Depending on the kind of work you want and the industry you are in, getting work can be tough right now, and even previously secure jobs in sectors like finance and IT are no longer safe bets. Texas, however, has a thriving job market across all kinds of sectors, and a good economy due to things like oil. Many companies have bases here due to favourable taxation scenarios for enterprises, so whatever you do, you can find something here.

Property is Cheap

Comparative to other major cities, the main hubs in Texas are relatively cheap to find property in. Whether you want to rent or own, Dallas apartments will, for example, give you way more for your money than apartments in other major cities like New York, LA or even places like Atlanta. Moving to somewhere like Dallas or Houston is also quite hassle free in terms of real estate law and tax, so there are plenty of reasons to buy or rent in these Texan cities.

Cheap Cost of Living

They say everything is bigger in Texas, and actually you really can get more for your dollar here when it comes to things like socialising and shopping. When you combine the fact that rent or mortgage prices are low, and so is the cost of living day to day, with the fact that wages are good and work is fairly easy to find, it seems sensible that a lot of people would be lured to Texas as a place where they can live more comfortably and with more stability.

Texas really is seeing a huge boom in terms of internal domestic migration. Whether long term this will cause property prices to rise or the cost of living to go up remains to be seen, however at this point in time, it really is one of the best US regions to move to. And with 20 different large cities to choose from, there are options for people with all kinds of preferences!

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