What is a Miniature Circuit Breaker?

Are you considering a DIY project or looking at the wiring in your home? One term that is frequently used is miniature circuit breaker, or MCB. The MCB is commonly used inside of a low voltage electrical network rather than a fuse. Find out more about the MCB and why it is increasingly chosen over a fuse.

MCB v Fuse

The miniature circuit breaker acts automatically and turns off the circuit when it is under abnormal conditions. These abnormal conditions include overload as well as a fault. In general, the advantage of a miniature circuit breaker over a fuse is that the MCB is much more sensitive than a fuse and more easily recognises current conditions that could give rise to a fault. It is also preferable to a fuse because you can more easily see where the fault is in the circuit as the switch is in the off position. And possibly the greatest advantage of a miniature circuit breaker over a fuse is that you can easily restore power after a circuit break whereas you need to replace and repair a fuse before the circuit is functioning again. It is safer to handle a miniature circuit breaker than it is to work with fuses. For more information visit website dedicated to miniature circuit breakers to find out more.

MCB Function

When it comes to how an MCB works, you need to consider both thermal effects and electromagnetic effects. There is a thermal operation in the miniature circuit breaker which is based on a bimetallic strip that heats when a continuous current flows over it. There is also an electromagnetic operating mechanism that trips when under faulty current conditions.

Normally you would not repair a miniature circuit breaker but replace it when you need a new one. The main parts of the circuit breaker include the robust frame that houses the installation, and the installation itself which is contained inside. There is a latch that shows the status of the circuit breaker which could be on, off, or tripped.

When choosing miniature circuit breakers for an electrical installation it is important to pick a component that is tested, safe, and made from high quality materials. In this way you can ensure that your electrical systems are built to the highest quality levels, which means you will have fewer problems with them when they are working.

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