Tired of Sleeping Sweaty? Fix It with Bamboo Sheets

According to a report by Fox News, around 40% of adults experience night sweating. Although it is the body’s natural mechanism to prevent overheating, it can cause troubles and discomforts during sleep.

Fortunately, bamboo bed sheets can provide comfort to those who suffer from night sweats due to fever or hot flashes among menopausal women. Bamboo has the ability to regulate your temperature and provide you a cool temperature.

However, how is it possible?

How Bamboo Sheets Prevent Night Sweats

Majority of bed sheet sets are made from cotton which is known for its absorbent nature. As you sweat while sleeping on your traditional bed sheet, the cotton material will absorb all of your sweat then trap the moisture inside. The problem is, as your environment is already full of moisture, your sweat can’t evaporate properly. This makes your body unable to cool itself naturally like it’s supposed to.

Meanwhile, bamboo viscose sheetshave a cooling and moisture-wicking property which is around three to four times more absorbent than cotton. They help regulate your body heat to prevent you from sweating heavily as you sleep.

Instead of fighting your body’s natural process, thebamboo material will instead work with your body to provide you with a comfortable temperature throughout the night. With a bamboo sheet’s ability to wick away heat and moisture, it can significantly reduce humidity in your bed by as much as 50%!

To understand how bamboo sheets help cool you down, let’s find out what happens when you start sleeping under bamboo sheet sets:

Once you start sweating profusely as you sleep, the bamboo sheets will start pulling the moisture from your body into the fibers of your sheets. However, instead of trapping moisture inside, it goes to the surface and evaporates. This process helps cool you off in the same way your body does when sweating.

By working with your body, a bamboo sheet can maintain ideal temperature throughout the night. As you get too hot, the bamboo will make sure your sweat evaporates. Once you’re completely cooled off, it will then keep you warm and comfortable.

Why Go for Bamboo Sheets

Apart from their cooling and moisture-wicking property, bamboo sheets also have other properties that make them the ideal choice for a bed sheet.

First, bamboo sheets are naturally hypoallergenic. Their resistance against allergy-causing agentsmakes them an excellent choice for those who have trouble sleeping due to night time allergies. This also applies to people who have skin conditions such as eczema.

Second, they are eco-friendly.The material comes from an organic source and the process doesn’t involve the use of too many toxic chemicals. Lastly, you can wash them without having to worry about damaging their quality. In fact, you can wash and dry them for as many times you want and they’ll still keep their silky quality intact.


Sweating at night takes away the comfort you need during sleep. With a bamboo bed sheet, you can easily rid of such issue.

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