Tips on How to Sell Your House Without a Real Estate Agent

Many people have now become smart and they won’t let the real estate agent help them to sell their house. Instead, they decide to save money by selling the house themselves. Self listing your home can help you to save up to 6-7% on the commissions.


It will take a lot of work on your part to list and sell the home yourself if you don’t want to get help from a real estate agent. The following are some steps on how to sell your house without a real estate agent.

  • Make Your House Presentable

Before listing the house, you must make it presentable as interested buyers will be coming over to take a look at the place. To give your prospective buyers a good impression, clear up all your clutter and everything else that you don’t want people to see. You may want to consider renovating the house to increase the saleability. If you can’t afford the renovation cost, you can just give your house a new paint – painting is a great way to hide dirty walls and flaws on the wall boards.

  • Set the Listing Price of the House

Next, you must set a price for the house. Doing a simple research online at the house sale sites for house like yours can give you an idea on how much asking price you should set. Additionally, you can ask the people in the neighborhood, especially, those who just moved in, asking them how much they pay for the new house. Many homeowners also use online home value calculator to determine the value of your home. The calculator uses different factors like square footage, number of rooms, and etc to determine the home value. It is always best to set the house’s listing price in the range of the market price.  Since you don’t have to pay the real estate agents, you don’t have to raise the asking price to cover the commissions. This makes it easier for you to sell the home.

  • Advertise the Home Sale

The next step is to advertise the sale of your home. Besides sticking a house for sale yard sign, you can purchase a listing at real estate property sale sites. In the real estate listing, remember to provide a detailed description such as price, location, number of rooms, and renovations. People like to look at photos before deciding to take a tour so you should try to include as many photos as you can about the exterior and interior of the house.

  • Accepting an Offer

Serious buyers will write an offer and give you a deposit. The buyer will try to negotiate and lower the asking price especially when he knows you are not selling the house through an agent. You can defend the asking price by preparing evidences of house selling at the similar range as your asking price.

  • Prepare a Bill of Sale

When the buyer is decided, you must draw up a bill of sale contract. The bill of sale contract can be downloaded online or you can use one included in a PDF editor that provide free to use fillable legal forms. Movavi PDF Editor provide a free general bill of sale form that is ready to use for selling your house. It is a basic bill of sale form with fields for the seller and buyer information, item information, and payment sum. You can fill the form conveniently in the PDF editor before taking it to the real estate attorney for approval. The blue highlighted areas are fillable fields – just put your mouse cursor in the field, and type in the required information. Before printing, press the Save button on the top left to save the form. When printing, remember to set the copies field to 2, one for you to keep and one for the buyer to keep.


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