Tips for Reducing the Content of Your Closet

It’s frustrating to see your closet not having enough space for all your clothes. You end up keeping some of them in other areas at home. Worse, given the piles of clothes, you might have a hard time finding what you need. It delays everything and it’s irritating.

The best option, for now, is to reduce the content of the closet. You need to find a way to take out some of the unnecessary items.

Start with the clothes you use the least

Take all your clothes out of the closet. Determine which of them you usually use and the ones you can barely remember the last time you wore them. The ones you rarely use can in a box or a separate storage space. You can check them later when you really need them. The closet will store only the clothes that you usually use, so you will find it easy to get what you want to wear.

Donate some of your clothes

Perhaps, you still keep clothes that are too big or too small for you. There’s no way that you will fit in these clothes any time soon. You can consider donating them to people you know. If not, you can give them to charitable organizations. Many people would want to own whatever you’re no longer using. Besides, the clothing industry is such a huge cause of waste, and not donating what you don’t need only contributes to further waste.

Have a garage sale

If you feel bad about giving away your clothes without getting anything in return, you can have a garage sale. You can make money out of the clothes you’re not using anymore. The amount collected can go to other necessary items at home. Make sure that you don’t sell old clothes to buy new ones or else you’ll face the same problem again.

Regroup your clothes

Perhaps, a better strategy for arranging your clothes would help. You can put together clothes of similar sizes so it’s easy to squeeze them. Usually, you arrange clothes by colour or season when you have to wear them. Arranging by size could help save more space.

Fold your clothes properly

The reason why your closet looks messy right now isn’t necessarily because there’s no space. It’s due to your failure to fold the clothes properly. You can hang some of them to maximize the space available. You have to spend a few minutes each week to fold your clothes properly, but it helps organize everything well.

Choose a fitted wardrobe

If you already tried everything and your closet still looks messy, it might be time to consider bespoke bedroom furniture like a fitted wardrobe. In doing so, you can determine every detail based on your needs. You can decide how many panels or drawers you need. You have to think about your future needs when designing the wardrobe and not only what you have now. It’s easier for you to fix the mess with a more spacious closet.



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