The Top Tips You Need to Remember When Lighting Your Dining Room

Dining in an area which is not well-lit can be quite the challenge, as everyone will agree. If your dining area doesn’t have the proper lighting, it can be difficult to see the food you are eating, for one, but it also adds to a less-than-pleasant ambience. The dining area has another purpose aside from being the place where you eat your food – it’s also the place where you can bond with your family and friends and exchange stories and precious moments. It follows, then, that you need to choose the appropriate lighting for your dining space. If you want your dining area to be a pleasant, comfortable, and cosy yet functional space, here are the best tips you need to remember when lighting your dining room.

The positioning

A dining area with a focal point, such as a pendant light (or a series of pendant lights) or a chandelier is a must, especially if you want the area to become more functional and practical and to look nice and pleasant. But make sure that when you hang your chosen pendant light or chandelier, it is placed right above the centre of your dining table. This means that you have to measure the area as carefully as possible so you can place the central lighting fixture in the proper position.

The height

If you are going for a central contemporary lighting fixture for your dining area, the height of the fixture is of prime importance as well. The central fixture in your dining area should be high enough so that it won’t end up blocking the view of the people sitting around the dining table, and it should also be of a good height so that it will be able to illuminate the entire space and give you enough light to eat and converse. Ideally, central dining fixtures should be placed about 28 to 36 inches (71 to 91 centimetres) above the top or surface of the dining table.



The size and shape of the table

Here’s another consideration which can make a big impact: the size and shape of your dining table. If you have a round dining table, for instance, the experts would recommend going for a bowl-shaped lighting fixture, or a lighting fixture with a round shape. Another alternative would be a lighting fixture with a hexagonal shape. If your dining table is rectangular or a square shape, you can try opting for a rectangular, oval, or square lighting fixture to match the shape of your dining table. For rectangular or square dining tables, linear-style pendant lighting would be a good choice as well. If your dining table is long, it will look best with an installation of double light fixtures.

The view

There are dining areas which come with a good view of the outdoors, and there are those which come with an interesting feature such as unique wall décor or a textured wall. If this is the case with your dining area, make sure that the lighting fixture you choose does not obstruct or hide the view. A cage chandelier would do well with this kind of set up, and you can also choose to hang the fixture a little higher than normal (above the level of the eye), so it will still allow you to savour the view.


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