The Top Five Ways You can Optimise Space in Your Small Bathroom

British homes are generally sturdy and great to live in, but they often suffer from an unfortunate defect – they tend to have very small bathrooms. People who build their own houses and who understand the freedom a lot of space affords may make adjustments and build their bathroom a little larger, but most of us have to do with what we have.

Luckily, there are many things – small but effective, and relatively cost-effective – that we can do to make the most of a small area. In order to maximise every available space and make your bathroom feel larger than it actually is, here are some handy tips. Here are the top five ways you can optimise space in your bathroom.

Use mirrors

There will be a mirror in the bathroom – the mirror is simply a necessary part of the room. However, mirrors that are usually found in standard bathrooms are small, and serve only the practical purpose of grooming. Make your mirror large – make it so that the whole wall becomes a mirror. Large mirrors not only make the room look larger than it actually is, it also allows the light to bounce back and forth, making the bathroom a lot brighter.

Choose a great colour scheme

As a general rule, use a colour that stays within the scheme of the bathroom – a monochromatic décor tends to make sure the various parts blend into one whole, and that in itself makes it larger than the real thing. You can use various hues, but as much as possible, stick to one particular colour.

Use a glass enclosure at the bath or shower area

A glass enclosure for your bath or shower area will ensure there is no visual barrier that separates the main bathroom and the bathing area – this in itself creates the illusion of a lot of space. Those who prefer more privacy can always opt for frosted glass panels. If you want to maximise space completely, opt for shower cabins – they come with great features as well.

Use small fixtures

Size is relative – the smaller your fixtures, the larger the other items tend to be.

Choose your lighting carefully

Eliminate shadows – the right kind of lighting can help you with that. Install lights at different places so every corner is lit when needed.

Here’s another hint: use vertical space wisely. It’s amazing how often we forget this. The next time you walk into the bathroom, take a look around and you will immediately notice how much storage space you can create by using vertical space; it’s just that nobody ever thinks of it unless it is pointed out first. Think about the space above the door, for example; the one perfect example that’s often overlooked. Even the smallest of bathrooms can look bigger; it just requires imagination and creative thinking.

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