The Things Every Chic Home Needs

When you walk into a home, you can pretty much instantly determine whether it’s chic and stylish or something is lacking. There are homes that may have great pieces of furniture, but they’re just not pulled together well, while on the other hand, incredibly chic home aesthetics are often simple and understated.

So what is it that separates a chic home from one that’s not?

The following is a roundup of some of the must-haves for a chic interior design style in your home.

Tailored Window Coverings

Window coverings can make or break the look and feel of an entire home. You’ll notice if you start observing that every space that looks great has tailored window coverings that are simple, clean and elegant.

A good option that’s timeless are Roman blinds.

Even if you don’t have custom Roman blinds or shades created, you can shop online and find options that look and fit as if they were custom made just for your windows.

Organic Elements

Organic element is a broad term, so you can find ways to work this into your home design in a way that works within your preferences and style.

Organic elements can include indoor trees and plants, or something like a woven rug made from a natural fiber like jute.

Another functional way to add organic elements and also to keep clutter at bay is to use natural, woven baskets as storage. They give a room depth and dimension, and you can keep things out of the way and off the floor, so they pull double-duty.

Integrate Some Antique Items

If everything in a home is brand new, or all looks like it came as part of a matching set, it’s not necessarily going to look chic.

Well-designed spaces often have a mix of new items with antique pieces. You want your home to feel lived-in and like it belongs to someone who’s traveled and is sophisticated, which is what a few antique items can bring to the equation.


Mirrors, especially gilded mirrors, are a must-have in a beautifully designed room. There are a few reasons. First, they’re enduring, and they’re never going to go out of style.

But there’s another reason as well. Mirrors create the sense that there’s more space and light in a room than there might actually be, which is always a plus.

Refined Accessories

Finally, unless your design style is completely minimalist, great looking rooms and homes tend to have a good mix of accessories, without going overboard.

A simple silver picture frame on top of some interesting coffee table books can work well, or maybe a potted orchid on a hall table. Perhaps you have just a few well-placed items from your travels.

You want accessories to give your spaces a feeling that they’re loved and lived in, and you also want to show your personality, but be cautious about having too many accessories. Choose and place them carefully, so your room looks styled, rather than stuffed with tons of clutter.


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