The Benefits of Buying a Wicker Outdoor Lounge


Affordable and comfortable, wicker is a popular choice when it comes to outdoor lounge chairs. Perfect for residential back yards and commercial establishments alike, there are many benefits to purchasing a wicker outdoor lounge for your property. This article details several of the best benefits offered by a wicker lounge, including affordability, durability, and range of styles available.

: It’s Affordable

On top of being cheaper to purchase upfront than other outdoor furniture types such as wrought iron, wicker furniture is also long-lasting, which means you’ll save more money over time due to not having to replace your outdoor furniture as often. Thanks to synthetic wicker’s resistance to UV rays and water, a wicker outdoor lounge can be enjoyed for many years without showing signs of damage or ageing. Coupled with its lower initial cost, this makes it the perfect choice when you have a budget to stick to.

: It’s Durable

As mentioned, a wicker outdoor lounge has the ability to outlast many other types of outdoor furniture due to its superior performance in Australian weather conditions. Synthetic wicker is resistant to most elements, meaning you can keep your furniture outside all-year round without worrying about any damage occurring. This makes a wicker outdoor lounge a more durable choice than other types of outdoor furniture that have to be covered or taken inside when not in use.

: It’s Comfortable

As it offers a high level of flexibility, wicker is an ideal choice if comfort is your top priority. Unlike more rigid furniture materials such as wood and metal, a wicker outdoor lounge can flex and conform to your body while still providing adequate support. You also won’t have to worry about painful splinters, or metal that’s too hot to sit on in summer. Additionally, most wicker lounges come with built-in padding or cushioning to add an extra degree of comfort.

: It’s Easy to Maintain

Wicker is very easy to maintain over time, with only an occasional clean required to keep it looking great. All that’s required to clean most wicker outdoor lounges is a quick vacuum or brush off of any dry dirt or dust. A toothbrush can also be used for a more extensive clean that gets in between the weaves of the wicker.

: There Are a Range of Styles Available

When in the market for a wicker outdoor lounge, you’ll soon discover that there’s a wide range of designs and styles available to choose from. Whether you have a particular colour in mind or you’re trying to match the existing decor of your outdoor entertaining space, there’s no shortage of options to choose from, including different frame and cushion colours. Additionally, many options feature cushions that can be changed, allowing you to refresh your furniture down the track without having to replace it completely. Wicker lounges also come in a variety of configurations to seat any number of people, from small two-seaters right up to large modular lounges.

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