Sheds Don’t Have to Be Boring

Many homes have sheds and most of them are used in the same way. They become a place to store tools, bicycles, and other items that might not always be welcome inside the home. Often they are neglected. The stereotype of footballs being buried behind open cans of paint, each stacked behind a bag of soil rings true for a reason.


However, more people are beginning to rethink their homes. Renovation is a hugely popular hobby and home design is at the forefront of many minds with property television shows on constant rotation. Minimalism, houseplants, Scandinavian influences, and bespoke furniture have all become mainstream interests with thanks to numerous television shows and books, as well as social media, working to popularise their aesthetic.


One aspect of this interest is the rethinking of garden sheds. No longer are people just using them for storage. They are being transformed in fascinating ways that can create new spaces, support hobbies, welcome guests, and even earn money. So, if you’re currently using yours as a place to store muddy hiking boots and screwdrivers, we’ve put some ideas together for your inspiration.





Gyms are more ubiquitous ever. Multiple businesses are appearing in every town and they are regular assets in apartment blocks. However, as they become busier and their cost rises, people are looking to workout at home instead.


Certain exercises can be replaced easily with weights and a little space. However, others cannot. Not everybody has a spare room that they can clear out to make way for a bench or rowing machine, which is why people are transforming their sheds instead.


Larger sheds are being cleared out, redesigned, and filled with equipment for exercise. It’s a great way to eliminate the cost of a gym membership while maintaining your routine.


Bed and Breakfast


Having a spare room is great. You can welcome friends and family or even tourists to stay within your home. Additionally, by building something outside, perhaps replacing your shed altogether, you can give guests their own space without having to disrupt your own routine.


Log cabins, annexes, summer houses; each are being built in gardens and used as sites for guests to stay. Having an extra room is an ideal way to earn money from overnight stays without having to compromise your own space.


And, while a shed may seem too small for some, you’ll be surprised by how many people are looking only for a safe and warm bed for the night, allowing them to stay cheaply as they pass through the town or take a business trip. Some people even set up a tent in their garden!


Office Space


Home offices are a new and growing trend. Working remotely is rising in popularity as more businesses realise the benefits that come from allowing their staff to operate in the comfort of their own home and with their own schedules. Business meetings can be held online and cloud services mean documents are accessible easily.


The only disadvantage is that many still require a professional space, one that allows for storage and meetings to be held without disruption. Clearing out and redecorating your shed can be an ideal place to store a desk and files, allowing you to leave your office at the end of the day. Just don’t forget the WiFi!

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