Pros and Cons of Sliding Doors. Should you buy them?


You should install this type of door when you want to create the most harmonious interior in an apartment or just increase the size of the room. Also coupe doors are suitable for those who appreciate comfort and coziness. And all because they are much more practical and comfortable than conventional swing doors.


And if you choose sliding partition doors, you can beautifully and easily divide your living room, separate the dining room and kitchen or bath and toilet.


Types of door constructions


Before choosing a sliding door, it’s worth knowing what kinds of doors they are.


The most popular and in demand are interior compartment doors. They are very practical and save a lot of space.


The next type – sliding partitions. This option is chosen if you want to partition the whole room, not just a doorway.


Another type – folding interior doors. Externally, this design reminds an accordion.


There are also doors-books, but they are not in great demand, because the door leafs, as well as swing doors, go beyond the walls.


The door leaf itself can be ordered as from different types of wood, as well as from glass or mirror surface. It depends on what design you want.


Methods of attachment


The mechanism of the sliding door is also different.


Externally, that is, the door sashes are moved along the walls. And the so called pencil case doors. In this case, the doors are slid inside the walls. Install such a design is much harder, because this requires a niche in the wall. But at the same time, these doors will further increase the volume of your room.


Most sliding doors are single, double and quadruple doors. 


Advantages of sliding doors.


  • It does not require much space and saves space in your apartment. And installing a pencil door will be many times more profitable.


  • To order such a door construction is much more practical than swinging interior doors, because they are universal. That is, you can pick up any size of construction and even make an order of unusual shape.


  • Also sliding doors look much more aesthetic and very comfortable to use.


  • These doors are absolutely safe, because they do not have the usual threshold. You will not constantly stumble across corners of the open doors.


  • Sliding doors can be used as a partition between rooms. For this purpose, two or more door leaves are ordered in the set.


  • It is not necessary to install the door frame additionally.


Disadvantages of sliding doors.


  • Double-leaf doors have low acoustic and thermal insulation. In this respect, the best alternative is a single leaf construction. These doors themselves make sounds during opening/closing.


  • If the doors slide along the wall, you will not be able to put furniture or anything else in this area of the apartment.


  • The door sliding mechanism must be constantly monitored and cleaned from dirt.


  • Installation of coupe doors is quite a complicated process, which can only be trusted to an experienced specialist.


  • Do not forget about the cost of the sliding door. Compared with swing doors, its cost is much higher. Basically, the price is influenced by the material of door structures and the number of leaves.


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