Muuto lamps – for every room in your home

The overall idea with the design of Muuto is that the design should be timeless and keep the Scandinavian style at focus. This design company has its focus on soft and elegant shape and forms, which is a signature move from Muutos as well as for Scandinavian design in general.

Muuto lamps are unique as they are carefully developed with a softness that makes them fit into every type of room. The Muuto lamps is portrayed both as big and smaller lamps hanging from the ceiling (pendant lamps), table lamps, floor lamps as well as wall lights. There are also different shape, forms and colours in the assortment, which means that there should be some design that is suitable for everyone.

The Muuto lamps are designed with many different fabrics so that the special lamp living up to your expectations can be found within the design of Muutos. The Scandinavian design is known for its softness and timeless design, which is something that easily could be detected when viewing the design of the Muuto lamps. The shapes of the Muuto lamps are defined by round edges with a twist of colour. Every piece has been well thought of and is presented with its simplicity as glory.

The key factor of the success behind the Muuto lamps is that the lamps has a classic look to them, which means that to invest in a Muuto lamp – is something that is safe. The popularity of this design will not fade away as its main focus is on the classic Scandinavian look.

One of the more popular lamps by Muuto, is the E27 pendant lamp. It can be described as being “simplicity portrayed at its most beautiful form”. The lamp is unique in its way of highlighting what is often hidden in other lamps, being the lighting-bulb. It has become extremely popular as it has a beautiful glow, it looks as a simple design, but it is yet so functional. Furthermore, the Muuto E27 pendant lamp fits to every possible room and environment.

You deserve the best possible lighting, and Muuto design offers you the chance to combine form and function wrapped up in a beautiful Scandinavian design.

To shop Muuto lamps, go to the website Here you can find a great variety of Muuto lamps designed with great care.

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