How to Make Doing the Laundry Less of a Chore?

Sometimes, actually most of the time, the prospect of doing the laundry can seem like a real chore. However, many people actually find it a hugely satisfying job, while most would agree that it’s vital to keeping things running smoothly at home. There’s also something very homely about a big pile of freshly laundered clothes waiting to be popped back into their drawers and cupboards.

Of course doing the washing for a busy house can still be quite time consuming, especially if you have babies or young children around, but a few helpful items can make it a lot easier.

Accessories to help you with laundry

Lugging big bundles of washing down to the washing machine can be tiresome, but when it comes to carrying it – wet and heavier – out to the garden or to the airer you definitely need some help.

Having the right basket will take the strain out of carrying your laundry to and from the washing machine and airer, making light work of the task. Make sure you get one big enough to carry a decent load.

Airers for drying outside

Another important piece of wash day kit is a good airer. If you have a garden then drying outside on warm days is a delight. A rotary airer is easy to fold away when not in use and will have your clothes swinging in the breeze and dry in no time. A waterproof cover is a good idea to keep your rotary airer dry and clean.

More discreet and better for smaller spaces is a retractable washing line which simply attaches to a wall.

Airers for drying indoors

Drying clothes indoors requires a good airer – one that takes a load of washing but is also easy to fold away and store between uses.

Today’s modern airers come in a variety of shapes and sizes and the larger ones can take a truly impressive amount of laundry. Innovative designs with more space between the rails speeds up that all important drying time.

When deciding, take into account where you dry your clothes inside and how much you will be hanging up.

If you can’t easily accommodate a large dryer then why not choose a more slimline design? You can get additional drying space by using an over the bath or radiator airer, which are particularly handy for small items like socks and underwear.

Of course indoor airers can be taken outside too and used in the garden or perhaps on a terrace or balcony, then easily folded away.

The right ironing board

Doing the laundry doesn’t stop at the washing and drying, many items will need to be ironed. Look for an ironing board with plenty of height adjustment options and safe storage for your iron.

A compact board will be fine for occasional ironing, but a bigger board will make ironing larger items like trousers, or trickier items such as shirts, much easier. The cover, with high density foam and cotton outer, will help the iron glide smoothly over your laundry.

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