How to keep your house in top shape

Even if you’re planning on handing your house keys over to a new set of owners in the not-too-distant future, it’s still important to keep your house in tip top condition. Nothing scares potential buyers away from perfectly acceptable properties like dysfunctional rooms, unnecessary clutter or squalid conditions, so a well presented home – both inside and out – is vital for a speedy and profitable sale.

Focus areas

Certain areas attract the attention of potential buyers more than others. Dirty windows, filthy carpets, faded and chipped paintwork, layers of dust, etc., attract attention like warning lights. However, these are areas that homeowners can do something about without investing a great deal of time and money.

A clean house lets potential buyers know that the previous occupants cared about the property and were prepared to put time and effort into keeping it in good condition. A messy, dirty home sounds those warning signals that get viewers wondering what else has been neglected.

Clean windows and natural light

First, bring the wonderful feeling of natural light into your home by cleaning the windows – or hire a window cleaner to do it if they are too high or there are too many for you to do the job effectively yourself. That way, potential buyers can actually see that wonderful view through the bedroom window that made you fall in love with the house in the first place. A one part vinegar mix to three parts cold (but not too cold) water and old rolled up newspapers is an age-old trick to getting windows crystal clean cheaply and effectively.

General cleaning

A clean house not only creates clean lines of sight so that potential buyers can actually see the space and its potential, it also smells and feels different to a dirty, messy home. In addition to cleaning tabletops and sideboards, dusting doorframes and in the corners, take a look at your carpets and see whether they may need a professional clean. Families with small children or pets often find themselves with hard-to-remove stains on flooring as well as upholstery, but for a company such as Ottawa Carpet and Upholstery Cleaning, removing those stains is not a problem.

A clean kitchen

Kitchens are perhaps the rooms that potential buyers focus on more than anything. An unwelcoming kitchen can destroy a viewer’s impression of a home even if they liked everything else, so don those rubber gloves and get cleaning. Faucets and sinks ought to sparkle, countertops should be clean and hygienic, and don’t forget to clean thoroughly inside the oven, as well as on top of the stove.

Outside the home

Don’t concentrate all your efforts on inside the home and forget about the exterior. Some potential buyers might not even bother to enter the house if they spot a broken fence, dumped furniture in the yard or a wasp’s nest hanging over the porch, so be sure to repair dripping pipes, rickety fence posts or creaky gates – all small jobs that will really make a difference to the value of your home.

It might take a little time, but the investment will be well worth it, as a tip-top house increases sale value and really does aid your chances of a quick and profitable sale.

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