How to choose the perfect bed for your room?

The bedroom is one of the spaces in the house that we must pamper the most because in it we spend a third of our lives! They are too many hours, so we must take special care of each of their furniture as day after day we absorb the energy breathed in it.

The bed is the key element when decorating the room; it is our sanctuary of rest and privacy. A bad choice can cause back problems and stiffness, so it is very important to choose the perfect bed in which to enjoy a good night’s sleep throughout the night. In this post we want to give you some consideration on how to do it and help you find the right one for you.

Make sure it’s good for your spine: There are three main mattress options: soft, hard or very hard. The choice is not just a matter of taste, a mattress that is too hard is just as bad for the back as one that is too flexible, and a very soft one does not sufficiently support the body and causes frequent changes of position during sleep.

The mattress is also very important: It is recommended that it be of the same brand as the mattress, since they are usually associated, thus a greater integration takes place.

Compare the materials: They deserve to be studied to be able to fulfill your expectations.

Measures of the bed: How to get the perfect size for your bed? For couples, add 20 cm to the height of the highest, and if the difference of corpulence between the two is too important, it is advisable to opt for individual mattresses placed on the same mattress or two separate beds together. And you must take into account the famous “rule of the thumb”, that is, each person must have enough space to lie down and turn without touching the other.

Location of the bed: When deciding where to place the bed, think that there should be enough space around so that the air can circulate freely. For small bedrooms, choosing a bed frame that is lighter and more structured will help you take advantage of the space without being overwhelming. If the room is exterior, the bed should not be attached to the window, but rather the opposite. It is also important that it is not located in front of the door; with these tricks you will achieve greater privacy and greater energy inside the bedroom.

Try the bed before buying it: It is essential to lie down for about 15 minutes in bed before buying it. In the store we do not usually dare, but it is an essential pre-purchase requirement to carry out a good choice.

A bed can be one of the most expensive furniture in your home, but it is worth the investment. Having a comfortable and durable bed can give you many hours of quality sleep and significantly affect your rest. After all, a bed should last for many years. For some people, buying a high quality bed could be spending too much money and if they’re lack of money, they need to get instant decision. They can borrow money online.


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