How to Avoid Property Scams When Searching for a Rental Apartment

Searching for holiday apartments online is the fastest way to secure a vacation home. Though regarded as the easiest, searching online has its share of shortcomings. One of the major concerns to many vacationers is the increase in the number of rental apartment scams. Every now and then, people have been reporting extortion and manipulation when searching for holiday apartments. As a vacationer, there are several things you need to know to stay safe from holiday rental scams.

Confirm that the property exists

There are scammers renting non-existent apartments. Before anything else, make sure that the property is real. Does it exist? What is its physical address? You can learn this information by checking on how it has been on the market. You can also use Google maps to search its exact location. You can visit to find some of the popular apartments to rent in Edinburgh.

Research the property owner

You may be looking at an existing apartment but posted by a fake owner. There is a high number of online scammers. Today, there are thousands of sites claiming to have the best rental apartments. However, most of these sites belong to scammers extorting money from potential vacationers. Before you make any payments, make sure that you are dealing with a legitimate owner or property agent.

Demand a contract

Some of the apartment deals are too sweet to think twice. However, always have that second thought before making a deposit. A legitimate property owner or agent will provide a contract detailing the terms of renting their property. Without this contract, you are definitely dealing with a scam.

Compare prices

One way scammers trick potential vacationers is by offering properties at unreasonably low rates. Although it’s everyone’s wish to rent an affordable apartment, it’s always best to check on the market price. When the rental rates are too low to believe, think twice. Always follow your instincts when you suspect something is wrong.

Check on the mode of payment

Payments should be made through a traceable transfer method. Scammers use untraceable means of transfer such as Western Union. These methods are not safe. You can avoid scammers by making payments via credit cards or other safe online money transfer methods.

Take your time to decide

You are likely to fall prey to scammers when you are in a hurry. However, you can avoid online fraudsters by taking time to compare apartments, researching the owner and confirming the physical address.

These are simple ways to help you avoid online property scammers. This is one mistake that can ruin your entire vacation. When you decide to go on holiday, make sure that you have decided on a rental apartment prior to your travel date. Early booking also ensures that the apartment is prepared and ready for occupancy on your arrival date.

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