Home Places You Need To Vacuum More Often


Most home owners are going to always vacuum areas like hard floors and carpets. However, other areas are often forgotten because people do not understand how important it is to vacuum them. There are various parts of your home that greatly benefit from using the vacuum, even if they tend to be neglected, always collecting dirt and dust. Germs, mites and bacteria will fester; usually affecting health and making home areas look quite unsightly.

If you want to make sure your home is properly cleaned, be sure you consider the following places that most owners forget or do not know that they have to vacuum.

The Inside Of Your Drawers

This is not where you think to vacuum but your drawers need the regular cleaning all other home parts need. The inside of your drawer is a storage area that can so quickly fill up with dirt and dust. You want to frequently vacuum because dust will easily transfer to items inside drawers, like clothes. That creates musty smells and even health problems.

What is particularly important is to vacuum your kitchen drawers because they often collect food bits and crumbs. That creates a truly perfect breeding ground for harmful bacteria and germs.

Curtains And Blinds

Dust will build really fast on your curtains and blinds. At the same time, dust will circulate right around your rooms as these interior design elements are very close to windows. You can end up with respiratory problems without even realizing why that is the case. Do use dusting tool attachments to vacuum blinds and curtains.

Home Exterior

This is, most likely, the one area nobody actually thinks about vacuuming. While you would normally want to add some specific attachments, you do need to be sure that you vacuum various parts of the home exterior. For instance, according to Denver gutters specialists, a higher power vacuum can so easily be used to clear even important structural exterior elements like the gutters.


People often wash bed sheets and do make sure the bedroom is tidy but do not know that vacuuming mattresses is very important. An upholstery attachment can so easily be used on vacuum cleaners in order to clean even within crevices. You do not have to do this every single week but you should fit the job into the regular cleaning schedule. Once per month should be all that is necessary.

Under The Bed

Unfortunately, most people do not vacuum areas that they do not see and the one area that is the most commonly forgotten is the region under the bed. Dirt and dust will often accumulate under furniture. That will irritate all allergy sufferers and can lead to some huge health problems. You want to use a cordless vacuum cleaner so you can reach areas you cannot with the corded vacuums. This should always include the area under your bed. Similarly to your mattresses, you want to put this in your schedule as something to be done on a monthly basis.

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