Have a wasp situation? Here are some DOs and DONTs

When you see a wasp, what’s your instant reaction? Do you panic, try to hit it with something, or let it be? Wasps are among some of the most unpleasing insects there are, and having them around is often discomforting. They are aggressive, fiercely territorial and often live in clusters. And for those who have had an unpleasant and painful experience of being stung by a wasp, would want to keep them away.

So, in case you come across a wasps or hornet’s nest in your vicinity, here are some key do’s and don’ts to follow.

  1.     DON’T burn or set the nest on fire

While many of the folks on the web and around would suggest setting the nest on fire, it isn’t a smart action. And of the many reasons for not doing it, the nest being highly flammable is an important one to note. The nest is made mostly of wood pulp and so it can easily catch fire. Therefore, if the nest is too close to your house or other flammable things, there is a  high risk.

  1.     DON’T bash the nest or break it

As said earlier, wasps and hornets are really aggressive and organised. And if you go around attacking their home, they will strike back. It might seem like an easy solution, but what comes after it is a bunch of angry wasps swarming after you. Now it’s up to you if you want to experience the excruciating pain of a wasp sting, let alone of a flock of angry ones. Pest control experts at Pointe Pest Control, advice that you do not engage with the nest and it can be risky.

  1.     DON’T try to hose them out

You might have seen some wanna-be experts in wasp management suggesting and trying to hose the nest. While it is correct that wasps can drown in water, it isn’t easy to get rid of all of them in a nest. So you might manage to get a bunch of them, but there would still be some that make through and charge you with their stings.

  1.     DO seal openings and entrances

If there are wasps in your area, you should seal or close the openings. Though it wouldn’t get rid of them, this would keep them out of your house and enclosed areas. Just maintain caution and take preventive measures to keep them out.

  1.     DO maintain caution and be attentive

Though wasps are aggressive and dangerous, they aren’t crazy. It wouldn’t attack you unless it feels threatened. So, whenever you are around a wasp nest, just be calm and avoid any rapid movements. Even if a wasp flies close to you, instead of swatting at it, simply blow it away.

  1. DO seek professional assistance

If the wasp’s situation is getting out of hand and is becoming a bother, you should connect with a professional pest control service. The experts can remove the nest and take it away safely and efficiently.

Just a fun fact, wasps are natural pest controllers. While you might feel that they have no role, they are important to keep plant destroying pests away and also contribute to pollination.


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