Glamorous Bathroom Makeover with Illuminated Mirrors

What is your style in the bathroom – do you like to spend hours relaxing, fixing your hair and make-up and generally escaping from the daily grind? Or do you want to get in and out quickly, and fix your face and hair in the most efficient time possible? However you use the bathroom, this essential room should be welcoming, inspiriting, stylish and functional. If your bathroom has seen better days, consider how you can upgrade the look without spending a fortune. Here are some ideas for a bathroom makeover using illuminated mirrors.

What is an Illuminated Mirror?

An illuminated mirror is a mirror that has lights built-in – the lights may be at the sides of the mirror, or above the mirror (or in both places). Illuminated mirrors are designed to make the room look stylish as well as increase the functionality of the bathroom. Illuminated mirrors are available from suppliers on the internet as well as from home improvement stores.

Good Quality Lighting

When you change the quality of the lighting in the bathroom you give the room a makeover without having to spend a fortune. You need to have high quality light in the bathroom in order to be able to apply make-up, shave, or carry out other grooming tasks simply and easily. Illuminated mirrors, as reported by, are an effective light source because the light that surrounds the mirror eliminates problematic shadows and makes it easier to see the face close-up.

Saving Money on a Makeover

Not everyone has the spare cash to completely replace the bathroom units or the fittings. If you install a new designer mirror this acts as a focus point to take attention away from areas of the bathroom that are not so new. When you install LED lights you also save money in the long run as they are more energy efficient than regular bulbs. Illuminated mirrors are not expensive – you can budget for a mirror without breaking the bank.

Multi-Functional Makeover

Everyone needs more space in the bathroom. Think how much more convenient it would be to have an extra cabinet to store items that currently make the bathroom look cluttered. Choose a mirror with a built-in cabinet to resolve some of your space problems. Mirrors also come with built-in shaver sockets to make it easier to use an electric shaver in front of the mirror, and the anti-fog for the glass prevents problems when steam from the shower obscures your reflection.

Double the Mirror, Double the Style

If you have the space, consider installing a double vanity. These are standard fixtures in luxury hotel rooms and they give the bathroom a stylish look as well as increasing the functionality of the space. When you put in two wash basins, add two mirrors above them. This way, both people will be able to see themselves clearly in the glass by the light that comes from the sides and the top of the mirror.

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