Garages – Are they a thing of the past or could they be used better?

Although many homeowners still consider having a garage a major luxury, have they actually now become a thing of the past? Over the last twenty years, more and more property developments have been including garages in their buildings that have not been wide enough for the modern day car, or not even including a garage at all.

Many families have recently announced in a survey taken by a property company that they would rather have the space for additional living, which is why the concrete garage conversion has become so popular in recent years.

There are many reasons why the concrete garage has become less used for its original purpose, including the size, but other downsides for some families was the economic crash as it was cheaper to convert, or that they used it just for storage and then decided to get rid of multiple items leaving a redundant space, not big enough for the car, but too small to make into a useable area.

So are garages actually needed anymore in the modern day home? Well Garage specialists have been answering the question recently, and Dencroft Garages in Yorkshire has themselves been a big advocate of the bespoke concrete garage, which could provide the answer to a magnitude of issues.

A bespoke garage can usually be any shape and size you require it to be. This is obviously dependent on the space but if your home has no garage at present and nothing restricting any larger space being taken up, the possibilities are endless. Some of the very best bespoke garages are L-shaped to allow for a work space to be segregated from storage, or even a place to put the car.

Bespoke garages don’t just refer to the size of the garage however, but also the internal arrangement of the garage. Most garage specialists will have options which can help you store things more wisely, split the garage into sections, use personal doors to allow for access to individual sections without having to go through the main door, and add windows and much more to give it a wider benefit to the home.

Some of the very best bespoke garages are found in Yorkshire, where people have combined their love for gardening with internal gardens, with their need for greater storage in the main part of the garage. With careful planning and a structure that is clearly defined you can find you have much more space. Also, by making more of any higher levels storage, you could even achieve the ultimate and if the garage is wide enough, fit in your modern day car.

As you can see, the garage is not necessarily past it or redundant just quite yet and for many people it still has a need. Although this need may have changed a lot of the past twenty years, careful planning and consideration could make sure your garage provides multiple amounts of value to your whole family, rather than just a storage hole. Whether this is for a study, storage or much more, thinking this through, or building bespoke can make your life easier and your garage an essential addition to your home.

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