Four Industries Where Professional Office Design is Essential

Do-It-Yourself office design is fine if you have a small, one or two-person office. In some industries, you can design the layout of your office based on personal preferences and the current floor plan. In many industries, however, the complexities of multiple-use areas, needs of clients, and rapid flow of people in and out of the space may require a professional design team. Professional designers who focus on creating dedicated office space for specific business models are familiar with your business’s needs and aware of industry-specific requirements. These designers will create a space that fulfills all the essentials while catering to both your customers and your employees.


Auto Dealerships

Very few businesses require a layout as unique as the design needed for an auto dealership. On the one hand, there’s the need for a spacious, open interior to display several vehicles. There needs to be lots of bright lighting to enhance the beauty of cars and trucks and plenty of space for people to walk around and check out the vehicles’ features.


On the other hand, there needs to be a comfortable office space for potential buyers and affords them privacy while discussing finance options and payment plans. Many people aren’t comfortable negotiating a car purchase, and having an office area that puts them at ease is essential.


Dental Offices

Dental clinics need several separate areas for different tasks while maintaining a comfortable traffic flow. There is an intuitive flow from reception to exam areas to treatment rooms in the best dental clinic interior design. Consideration is also given to the need for sterilization areas, supplies storage, and records keeping. If this sounds complex, it is. Trying to bootstrap a design yourself may lead to a layout that frustrates staff and patients and cuts down overall office efficiency.


Call Centers

The call centers of the past, with long rows of telephone banks in tiny cubicles under fluorescent lighting, are quickly falling by the wayside. In today’s world, staffers demand something less depressing and more conducive to productivity. Everything from proper lighting to selecting ergonomic furniture is crucial to developing a call center that makes hours on the phone more comfortable. Working with an interior designer who focuses on office interior design ensures you won’t get a cookie-cutter solution. Instead, you’ll get a unique, versatile space that will have new hires breathing a sigh of relief – at last, a space they enjoy working in!


Law Offices

Modern law firms often have a variety of needs for their clients and employees. While reception areas need to be open and inviting, more privacy is required for individual meetings with clients. Conference rooms are necessary for negotiations, depositions, and team meetings. Also needed are lots of outlets and charging stations for laptops and other equipment. Some law practices also need a dedicated library or research area. Specific forms of legal practice have particular needs, and working with an office design company will address these issues.


Whatever your interior design needs are for your business, it’s best to work with an expert who understands the complexities of your vision and the needs of your office. They can give you a “whole picture” approach that may be missing when you do it yourself. And it’s definitely less expensive than a “do-over” after you’ve tried it yourself and ended up with a space that doesn’t work.


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