Five Popular Kitchen Worktop Materials

One of the most important things to consider when having your kitchen built is the kitchen worktop. Not only should it be sturdy enough to last, especially if you’ll use it a lot, it should also suit your personal taste. After all, it will affect the overall look of your home. Moreover, it would be nice to cook or prepare meals in an environment that you love. Here are some of the most popular materials that you may consider for your kitchen worktop or countertop.

  1. Corian. This material is a mix of natural minerals and acrylic resin. It is known for its glossy and seamless look that can work well with classic and modern worktop designs. It is flexible as it can be easily made into various designs and shapes. Corian is quick to install and it is also resistant to stains. However, it can be expensive, and hot kitchen equipment must not be placed on top of it.

  2. Marble. Another popular material that can usually be found from worktop providers is marble. It has a classic beauty that never goes out of style. It’s smooth and shiny, and it comes with a variety of designs to choose from. Since it is heat resistant, you can place hot pots and pans on it without worrying about it being damaged. However, like corian, it also comes with a high price tag and it is also prone to scratches.

  3. Granite. This is also a favorite choice for many kitchen owners and you can find various designs at Aside from the different designs that you can select from, it is also durable, inexpensive, and resistant to heat. Cleaning is also not a problem as it can be conveniently done. A couple of drawbacks are its heavy weight and porous property.

  4. Quartz. More and more homeowners are also going for quartz as their kitchen worktops. It is a good option for those who would like to achieve a modern look in their kitchen. Since it’s not porous, bacteria don’t grow in it. It’s also durable and easy to maintain. The disadvantage is that it can be costly, it is not that efficient in resisting heat, and the colour can fade if the worktop is exposed to the sun’s light.

  5. Laminate. If you are looking for a budget-friendly kitchen worktop material, a laminate worktop is one of the most popular options. Installation is also easy as it can be done even without the help of professional installers. This material is easy to clean and maintain, and it can also work whether you are after a modern or classic look. While it’s stain and scratch resistant, there’s the risk of it melting or burning. Moreover, it’s not as sturdy and long-lasting as the other materials.

Make sure that you weigh your options when it comes to the materials of kitchen worktops to use. This will help you determine which one best suits your style, budget, and personal preference.

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