Five Ideas for Home Decoration with a Difference

With fashions within the design industry constantly changing and various color schemes and trends alternating as the flavor of the month, many homeowners are now looking for something different. Here are five unusual ideas to consider when updating your home.

The fallout from the recent worldwide recession has still not completely dissipated, which means that many people are now looking to make improvements to their current home rather than risk stepping out into the still uncertain property market. For those looking to do something just that little bit different and unusual in their home, there are some unlikely sources from which to take inspiration, suppliers of shop display equipment being just one.

Retail Display Units

It may seem ridiculous at first to consider using shop display equipment to furnish parts of your home but many of the units used by the more fashion conscious retailer are actually rather fetching. These include incredibly stylish wrought iron wall displays which can be found in many designer clothes and accessory stores. Used in a bedroom to show off a few ornaments or even perfumes and handbags, these can make an unusual and elegant addition to your home.

Retail Clothing Rails

Domestic rails for clothing are already widely available of course for those with limited space in which to fit a wardrobe. However, these often tend to be rather bland affairs which do nothing for the overall look and feel of a bedroom. Suppliers of shop display equipment have a much wider range of rails from which to choose and ones which have a more interesting and unusual look, such as spiral rails, circular ones and rails with arms.

Old Books

If you have any old hardback books in your possession, consider using them as decorating props for your coffee table. Once the dust jacket is taken off, many older books have pastel-colored covers which can make for a charming addition to any coffee table. A small stack of books is also a perfect stand for any rustic ornaments too.

Retro Metal Signs

Whilst it is now not so unusual to see vintage metal signs being used to decorate garages or sheds, it is not as common to see them being utilised in the home itself. Stripping back a room to the original brickwork or utilising brick effect wallpaper can have a startling effect and the addition of various vintage metal signs, particularly those associated with iconic American brand names, is sure to provide a talking point for visitors.


Back to the shop display equipment theme now and, in particular, mannequins. The flesh-colored variety of mannequin is most definitely out as an idea for home decoration here. Instead, consider adding a white or silver version, either a bust or a full-sized mannequin in an elegant pose. For a tasteful, artfully decorated room with a minimalist feel, the addition of a blank-face mannequin can be quite striking and lend the room a feeling of being part of an art gallery.


Mary Yohanan has been involved in the home furnishings side of the retail industry for many years and has written on the subject for a wide variety of design websites and blogs. She recommends fashionable shop display equipment as an unlikely source for home decorating inspiration.

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