Designing Your Essential Home Theater

If you are thinking about turning a large room or perhaps the basement of your home into your personal home theater, one of the most important considerations is the design of the room. There are so many different themes from which to choose. You could go with a more traditional theater look, a modern look neon lighting, and bright colors, or perhaps you might prefer a room with a theme. The choice is yours, but since it represents a significant investment of both time and money, you need to be sure you get it right the first time.

It Doesn’t Have to Match

One myth that seems to permeate the home theater world is that the d├ęcor in your theater room must match the rest of your house. If you prefer it to be a perfect match, that’s okay. But, think of your home theater room as the one room in your home where you can go all out and design it to fit your personality. You can go with any theme you are passionate about, such as movie posters on the walls, your favorite sports team, outdoor scenery, animals, your pet, anything that catches your fancy. Maybe you prefer a more traditional look with long curtains covering the walls, a custom-built Proscenium (mini stage like see in many theaters) with false walls on either side of the screen and decorative moldings going up both sides and across the top.

You can use these false walls to hide your sound system and some subdued lighting. If your room has interior walls, you can use them to hide flush-mounted speakers. If you are using a basement, installing interior walls with plenty of insulation and flush-mounted speakers is the best way to go. You can still hang those heavy curtains, as they add sound insulation and help keep the sound coming from your surround-sound system from echoing and becoming blurry. That Proscenium you custom built for your home theater room serves more than just a decorative purpose. It can be used as a stand for your screen or widescreen television. At the same time, by building in a cupboard or two, you will have space for the surround sound system, a DVD player, gaming consoles, movies, and more. It also helps put your screen at a more comfortable viewing height.

Add a Few Extra Touches

No one ever goes to the theater to watch a movie without buying soda, popcorn, and candy, it just wouldn’t be right. Today, you can purchase popcorn poppers that look just like those used in movie theaters but on a smaller scale. Add in a glass display case to store candy in, maybe a small refrigerator for cold drinks, a wine chiller, even a kegerator if you like to have a beer or two with your movie with your Sony TV.

Let’s not forget the home theater seating. You could traditional with the rows of fold-down seats with almost no room to move in them. But, why would you? Especially when you can buy home theater seating that reclines, has large cup holders, folding tables and LED lighting around the base. These seats can come in sections of two, three, or four seats, with manual or electric reclining action, heating, illuminated cup holders, and much more. They make an incredible final touch to your home theater room. The only thing left after you install all the A/V equipment is to sit back and enjoy your first movie. Not quite, there is one more thing you need to do. Since you have increased the value of your home significantly, your next step is to find the home insurance coverage you need to cover the improvements you have made.

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