Common Causes of Ceiling Problems

Your roof is not the only element of the house that protects your home from the outside elements; your ceiling is the second line of defence. However, like anything else, this also can have problems in the long run. There are various issues that you may encounter with your ceiling after some time, including but not limited to peeling paint, sagging, cracks and stains – data researched at Knowing what causes these problems can help you determine the best course of action to take to resolve them.

Age of the house

Materials will eventually over time suffer wear and tear. Timber beams are of course made from natural material and are not exempt from deterioration and decay. No matter how sturdy the materials are, there will come a time that they may warp or crack and subsequently require repair or replacement. The ceiling of your house may crack or sag because of old age.

If it has been handed from one generation to another or you are the “nth” owner of it, then it means that it has been around for years. Ageing timber, just like a body ages, is more susceptible to wear and tear issues.

However, if you have exposed wooden beams on your ceiling that add character and charm to the place, there is a way on how to restore them to their original beauty so they may not require replacement.

Structural issues

Problems on the structure of a property can pose a significant risk. Worst case scenario is the collapse of the ceiling and roof. An improper layout or weak foundation can be the root cause of such catastrophic failure. The structure may not be able to support the weight of the roof and ceiling, causing them to fall. If you see any signs that the ceiling is lowering, cracking or it starts to dip, seek professional help immediately to prevent the issue from getting worse.

Too much moisture

Dampness in the area can cause stains in the ceiling. Yellow and brown stains caused by water ingress or damp can be very unsightly. It is more prevalent in rooms where there is more moisture like the kitchen and bathroom. Aside from being unattractive, the stains can also be signs of mould and mildew. These two ‘devils’ you don’t want to grow in your home as it can pose health risks. Avoid this issue by installing proper ventilation. Another solution is to use a dehumidifier.

Water leaks

It’s another common cause of ceiling damage. There are various reasons why the ceiling may leak and that include damage on the roof, broken pipe, clogged gutters and incorrect shower fitting. Again, aside from the visible leaking of water, other signs would be stains on the ceiling.

Prevent ceiling problems through proper maintenance. You don’t need to see signs of issues before you act; schedule regular home check to keep your place in top condition. In case you notice any potential problem, fix it on the first sign to prevent it from getting out of hand. It will save you from spending more money from a more costly repair or replacement.


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