Sheds Don’t Have to Be Boring

Many homes have sheds and most of them are used in the same way. They become a place to store tools, bicycles, and other items that might not always be welcome inside the home. Often they are neglected. The stereotype of footballs being buried behind open cans of paint, each stacked behind a bag of soil rings true for a reason.   However, more people are beginning to rethink their homes. Renovation is a hugely popular hobby and home design is at the forefront of many minds with property Read more [...]

5 Original Ideas for your Backyard Playground

While we live in a time where there are more screens and electronic distractions than ever, outdoor play is still crucial for children. A fun backyard setup can entice children to get outside and it encourages a love of the outdoors while keeping kids active and occupied with creative play. From the simple do-it-yourself project to more advanced builds, the possibilities for outdoor playgrounds are almost limitless. Read on for some creative ideas that will be fun for the whole family! Royalty Read more [...]