A Week in Greensboro, NC, on an $80,000 Salary

Welcome to Spending Notes, where we do a weekly deep dive into how our readers spend their cash. Today: a physical therapist who makes $80,000 a year Occupation: physical therapist Age: 27 Location: Greensboro, NC Salary: $80,000 (approx. $2,400 per pay period) Day One I work as a physical therapist at a clinic in Greensboro, NC. My spouse, F., and I just purchased our home a few months ago and were looking for window cleaning services. Our neighbor M. referred us to Greensboro Read more [...]

4 Tips to Avoid Injury During Construction Projects

Construction projects are notoriously dangerous. Whether you’re involved with building a new house or renovating an existing structure, there is always the chance for injury. Naturally, this is the last thing you want. Whether it’s you or someone else working on the project, you should always hope for the best but prepare for the worst. Fortunately, physical injury is something that can be avoided in most cases — as long as you take the necessary precautions. So, in today’s guide, we will Read more [...]

Four Industries Where Professional Office Design is Essential

Do-It-Yourself office design is fine if you have a small, one or two-person office. In some industries, you can design the layout of your office based on personal preferences and the current floor plan. In many industries, however, the complexities of multiple-use areas, needs of clients, and rapid flow of people in and out of the space may require a professional design team. Professional designers who focus on creating dedicated office space for specific business models are familiar with your business's Read more [...]

Goals For Your Home

Your home should be a sanctuary, for you to relax and wind down after a busy day, but also a place for making memories with loved ones. We expect a lot from our home, and sometimes we can forget to show it the tender loving care it needs. Here I am going to share 5 things that I always find rejuvenate my home and one very important element to loving your home.   Declutter Your Home   Clutter causes us to feel stressed, it also distracts you by drawing attention away from the Read more [...]

Roofing materials to consider for your house

One of the most important elements of a home is the roof. To choose the most suitable and desired, choose the variety of roofing that a specialized roofing store can offer. In order for the roof to be not only beautiful but also suitable for your home according to your specification, you need to know what materials the roofs are made of. Types of coatings The modern roofing market is dominated by roofing panels that are durable and reliable. Roofs can be made of a variety of materials - from wood Read more [...]

The Key Features of Luxury Homes in Healdsburg CA

Healdsburg, California is located in California’s wine country. Not only is this a premium destination, but it has fueled the size of the area’s luxury real estate market. However, the geography and culture has led to a few differences between luxury homes in Healdsburg, CA and the rest of the country.   The Desired Views Homes in coastal California tend to command a premium if they give you a view of the ocean, an unobstructed view of the mountains or the nearest major skyline. Read more [...]

Details to Create a Cohesive Open-Living Space

Open living has been incredibly popular for the past few years. It is a wonderful way to create a real centre in your home where everyone is able to come together. However, it can be far too easy to “zone” off different areas of the room and end up with a space that is not cohesive and does not flow too well. Here are some of the things you can do to bring your space together once more and make it feel more cohesive. Use Colour Accents With a wide-open space like what you get with open Read more [...]

How to Find the Right Contractor

When you need to find a contractor to work on a project for your home, you need to make sure that you are putting the work in to find someone professional and responsible. There are far too many cowboys out there who are trying to find someone they can make a quick quid from. Here are some of the things you should look for when trying to track down the right contractor to help you out. Availability One of the first major flags you might see when trying to find the right contractor is their Read more [...]

Have a wasp situation? Here are some DOs and DONTs

When you see a wasp, what’s your instant reaction? Do you panic, try to hit it with something, or let it be? Wasps are among some of the most unpleasing insects there are, and having them around is often discomforting. They are aggressive, fiercely territorial and often live in clusters. And for those who have had an unpleasant and painful experience of being stung by a wasp, would want to keep them away. So, in case you come across a wasps or hornet’s nest in your vicinity, here are some Read more [...]

Top Tips to Help You Get Rid of Pests in Your Home

In your home, guests are probably welcome but there are some guests that you won’t want to let through the doors. Sometimes, wild animals can find their way into your garden and going through your bins, but they can, unfortunately, get into your home as well. This can be a nightmare to deal with and it may give you a fright when you least expect it. We are going to discuss some top tips on how you can get rid of pests so, keep reading to find out more. Common Household Pests When you think Read more [...]