An Elegant Style of Furniture for Your Home

What do you think of when you hear the phrase ‘luxurious furniture’ it may be just any kind of premium priced armchairs and sofas. But while it can encompass a variety of styles and looks, it does focus around a few key trends.

And although armchairs and sofas are of course key pieces, the luxury furniture look can be found across every aspect of home decor. This includes lighting, bedroom sets and dressers, dining tables and chairs, or even accent pieces such as mirrors.

European Elegance

This is a modern, chic look within luxury furniture think sleek lines and glass accents within large impressive sideboards and tables. This can be offset by stunning angular white leather sofas or perhaps a chaise longue. These kinds of pieces have a timeless class and sophistication, but also expert design and top quality craftsmanship at their heart. They are built to last and the attention to detail is second to none.

Italian Opulence

The classical Italian style is a core look within luxury furniture, influenced by 18th century Empire Styles and Neoclassicism. Home decor with this look makes a real statement, using large impressive pieces with intricate design, while always retaining a strong sense of class and elegance. It evokes a bygone era when furniture was not just functional, it was an art form and the pieces were made to cherish, to the highest standards by skilled master craftsmen.

This style takes its inspiration from a variety of historical sources, styles and eras. These include Baroque and Rococo, Gothic and Renaissance and even ancient and Oriental art.

– Baroque is all about intricate detail, exuberance and grandeur and was used in palaces all over Europe in the 1600s, characterized by spectacular staircases and increasingly opulent reception rooms.

– Rococo was effectively a late variation on Baroque and had more of a sense of humor, with its flowery pastel colors and ornate gold accents.

– The Gothic interiors style was influenced by the imposing churches of the era featuring pointed arches, flying buttresses and ribbed vaults.

– The Renaissance spanned from the mid 14th to mid 16th century in Europe. During this time, sumptuous palaces were decorated with lavish furniture, marble sculptures and beautiful frescoes, to represent prestige and wealth, in contrast to the more basic decor of the poorer Middle Ages which preceded it.

These kinds of style are striking and each piece is like a work of art in itself. Because of this you don’t necessarily have to go down the route of filling your whole home with these items just one or two in each room can work well with other more neutral styles.

Pieces you can choose from along these lines don’t just include chairs, tables, sofas and dressers. Chandeliers can form a beautiful centerpiece of a home decorated in this style they can be crystal, antique glass, alabaster or even Maria Teresa style.

If you have a home office, this need not miss out on the luxury furniture! There are stunning writing desks and bookcases in opulent or elegant styles such as those described above.


Mary Yohanan is a freelance property developer, who has bought, sold and decorated many luxury homes and writes on this subject for various publications and online blogs.

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