A Week in Greensboro, NC, on an $80,000 Salary

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Today: a physical therapist who makes $80,000 a year

Occupation: physical therapist

Age: 27

Location: Greensboro, NC

Salary: $80,000 (approx. $2,400 per pay period)

Day One


I work as a physical therapist at a clinic in Greensboro, NC. My spouse, F., and I just purchased our home a few months ago and were looking for window cleaning services. Our neighbor M. referred us to Greensboro Labor Panes. They do window cleaning, pressure washing, and even gutter cleaning. M. had a good experience with them and mentioned it had been a better service than the last company she hired. They even get the inside of the windows and offer free estimates. This is perfect because F. and I have been looking for an affordable service and want to find the best window cleaning company in Greensboro.

Total: $0

Day Two


F. and I haven’t been able to visit my mom in a while. She lives in a nursing home down in Raleigh, so F. suggested looking for gift plants online. My mom loves having greenery in her room. So, we ordered a plant gift from Lively Root. They have free shipping, so we chose a nice peace lily to get delivered to her door. The site had everything from air plants to trendy succulents. Any indoor plant would be a great way to liven up any room.

Total: $30

Day Three


I did some online shopping today because my best friend H.’s bachelorette trip is in two weeks. I needed some travel-sized toiletries and wanted a new bathing suit and some other clothes and accessories. H. wants the bridal party to wear big floppy hats and pink sundresses. Luckily, we got to choose the style of the sundresses and the shades of pink. So, I found a few options online that I could take with me for the upcoming trip.

Total: $171

Day Four


The window cleaning company gave us some pricing options, and I was happy to find that they’re the ultimate professionals. We asked them for quotes for both gutter cleaning and window cleaning. Ultimately, F. and I chose to schedule services on the weekend I’m gone. I had back-to-back appointments all day at the clinic, so I ordered lunch through a food delivery app. As soon as I had the chance, I scarfed down some sushi and prepped some of my equipment.

Total: $15

Day Five


At work, we get a lot of pediatric patients. Because physical therapy feels really exhausting to most kids, we always offer candy at reception. On the way home, I like to pick up candy to fill the bowls once in a while. If I don’t, they’re usually filled with cheap candy. So, I stopped by a CVS and grabbed some of my personal favorites as a kid. There are only so many Tootsie Rolls a kid can enjoy. I bought peanut butter cups and gummy candies.

Total: $12

Day Six


I called my mom on my lunch break, and she mentioned receiving her plant delivery. She was glad to add to her small collection of house plants. After my workday, I drove over to H.’s house and got some Chipotle on the way. We like to watch our favorite reality TV show together. She made us cocktails.

Total: $15

Day Seven


Today, my gym membership is due. I admit that I actually haven’t been there in a while. So, I asked H. if she maybe wanted to take a pilates class together. We decided to go to pilates tomorrow night.

Total: $38.70

Total for the week: $281.70

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