A Second Home to Furnish

Many people have the ambition of owning a second home. Some decide that they want a place in the sun that they can use for holidays but also rent out to others to cover the services and make a little profit. Others that love the countryside are more likely to try to buy a cottage in a quiet village where the surrounding countryside offers fresh air and lovely walks. Such properties may not come cheap but hard work may bring its reward.

One major advantage of buying somewhere at home is that it is likely to be available every time the owners want to get away for a weekend break. There is no need to think about flights. Winter weather may not even be a limiting factor. Sometimes a crisp winter’s morning is a lovely time to walk.

Traditional Style

If you are someone that can afford that second home in the countryside then you will want to know where you can find furniture to fit in with the style of the house. If it is an old cottage, perhaps even with wooden beams, then the traditional wooden look using traditional and antique furniture is the route to take. Modern white goods can fill the kitchen but even then they can be concealed behind wooden doors.

A farm table is an excellent way to create a work surface in the kitchen. Companies like the OGT Store should certainly be able to help for tables but also many more things that will be ideal for creating the look and feel you are seeking. Over the years many old houses are demolished but some of the contents still have value. It can include everything from an antique lamp to a door knob.

Bespoke Manufacture

It can be an exciting project to get your new second home ready, the more so because there are companies which can manufacture wooden furniture to fit the dimensions of each room. There are a number of different woods that are regularly reclaimed from old buildings that skilled craftsmen can make into anything you might require.


If you have limited space you can measure up your rooms and talk to manufacturers who may even have advice on how best to use your space. If your kitchen table can be used both for work and for dining, you can take that into account when you decide how much floor space you need for moving round the kitchen.

Good companies can probably have everything ready within the timescale that it takes to exchange contracts and get hold of the keys. If you make your decisions promptly then you can expect to be ready for a house warming within days of moving in.

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