6 New Ways to Modernize Your Home

6 New Ways to Modernize Your HomeWhether you are planning to sell your home or you just want to give it a snazzy new look, it may be time to do some updating and modernizing. There are several things you can do to bring your home up to date.


1. Update Your Appliances


If you want your home to have a modern look, you must have up to date appliances. Your kitchen is especially important. Take a look at your refrigerator and stove, as well as appliances such as your microwave, dishwasher and anything else in your kitchen. It may be time to replace some of these items with newer models.


2. De-clutter Your Home


Clutter prevents your home from having a modern, spacious look. You should get rid of items you are not using or that are broken. If you have many possessions that you want to keep but that are taking up needed room in your home, consider renting storage space. Using a service such as Las Vegas NV self storage can free up space and give your home a nice modern appearance.


3. Repaint the Interior


Certain colors can give your home an old fashioned look. For example, colors such as pink or beige tend to be associated with homes of earlier eras. Paint your rooms a more neutral color, such as gray or even plain white.


4. Get New Fabrics, Curtains and Upholstery


Getting some nice new sheets, fabrics, curtains and upholstery can make a world of difference in how your home looks and feels. Even the towels in your bathroom and the shower curtain can be modernized. This is an economical way to make your home exude a feeling of comfort everywhere you go.


5. Get Rid of Old Furniture


Sometimes even one or two pieces of old furniture give a room a tired, stagnant look. An oversized, off-color couch or chair in the living room, for example, can make the room seem smaller and out of date. You may want to replace certain pieces of furniture, but in some cases just getting rid of something is all it takes.


6. Brighten Things Up


The lighting in your home has a large effect on the mood. Make sure your curtains and drapes don’t block too much natural light during the day. Take a look at your lamps and overhead lights and see if any could use replacing. Consider getting some new, modern looking lamps or fixtures. Light dimmers are useful for controlling the amount of light in a room to your preferences.



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