5 Features of the Perfect Wingback Chair

Wingback chairs have a long and significant history and they are some of the most popular chairs available today. These iconic pieces of furniture are also comfortable and offer privacy and space for the owner to curl up with a book or watch TV. Wingback chairs are available in such a wide range of fabrics, colours and looks, you will be spoiled for choice when you are searching for your perfect seat.

Here are some of the things to spot in a distinctive, high-quality wingback chair. Picking the perfect chair is easy when you know what to look for.

  1. Timeless, Iconic Design

The wingback chair is ideally suited to a traditional style home. With its sleek appearance and clean lines, a wingback chair in leather or velvet is an opulent and luxurious addition to a formal room or a classic-style house. The iconic design of the chair adds weight and reputation to the room. This type of chair is perfect for a dining room, living room, study or bedroom. Look for a chair made with fine attention to detail in the style and the materials.


  1. High-Quality Materials

Speaking of materials, your perfect wingback chair should be created from the highest quality fabric. Leather wingback chairs, for example, are the first choice when you want something durable and stylish. Leather lasts for years, so you can be sure your chair will be around when you want to hand it down to the next generation. If leather is not your style, a wingback chair in hard-wearing and luxurious velvet is a good choice. Look for quality in the type of fabric as well as in the detailing and the construction of the chair. It should be constructed from good quality wood and manufactured with attention to detail.

  1. A Touch of the 21st Century

If your tastes are more modern and your home more contemporary, a wingback chair with a high-tech edge is the ideal choice. Not all wingback chairs are traditional and formal. Many wingback seats have a modern touch that ideally blends with the iconic design elements it is famous for. Look for a quirky chair when you want a fun centrepiece in your room.

  1. Quality Assurance

You don’t want to buy an expensive wingback chair and have it fall apart within the first few months. Make sure you buy your chair from a reputable manufacturer or seller. There are so many of these items of furniture on the market today, all of varying qualities. Look for the right appearance but also consider how well the seat is constructed and whether the manufacturer offers a guarantee.

  1. The Perfect Size

You know how much room you need in a chair. Whether you want something to perch on or something to sink into, look at the dimensions of the furniture to work out what will best suit your room and your needs. Think about whether you want to add cushions to the chair. And check that your chosen furniture will fit through the door.

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