4 Remarkable New Home Architecture Styles

Finally, you have made the big decision to build a new home. Selecting an architectural style for it is both exciting and daunting as there are so many options to choose from! You can have an old, almost medieval-style home, or a modern home. All around you and on Pinterest must be filled with dozens of ideas, and narrowing it down may be challenging.

Many factors can help you narrow down to the ultimate perfect architectural style. Consider the climate of your home town; for instance, a pitched roof is ideal for a cold, snowy environment. At the same time, a quintessential courtyard may be better suited for a sunny climate where you can enjoy outdoor living. Here is a list of options you can consider for your home:


These homes started to emerge between the 1830s and 1910, during Queen Victoria’s reign. Victorian homes stand out for the attention their designers paid to the fine details both inside and outside the home. Such homes paid more attention to beauty over functionality and had dramatic towers and turrets that offer room for more windows, and ornate porches. They also have decorative railings, bright colors, and asymmetrical floor plans with rooms scattered all around. The irregular shapes of the house’s rooms offer room for more intimate dining and living areas.

Greek revival

Greek Revival architecture is a style that you will find in multiple countries, with its first sighting being in the 1820s and its subsequent popularization into the 1830s. Such homes have prominent outdoor features such as thick, white columns and porches that extend through the side of the home plus a second-story porch. The windows are also tall and placed symmetrically across the home’s façade. Such homes are made of wood, stone, or concrete, and are painted white to give the impression of stone or marble.  They also have sprawling entrances and grand rooms, but your architect can adapt it to fit your specifications. Such a home design can fit any estate or suburb.

Modern Architecture

This style is named ‘modern’ because it emerged in the first half of the 20th century and thrived after the Second World War. This style became predominant as home builders started experimenting with glass, steel, and other materials that were not as common. It essentially means ‘what is being built now.’ Such homes are more box-like, have flat roofs, and are made of glass, concrete, and steel. They have floor-to-ceiling windows and make use of an open floor plan. They choose function over design and have more geometric lines.

Ranch home

This home can also be called a rambler and is typically a single-story home with a horizontal footprint. This style was more popular in the 1950s and is characterized by being less formal and having a simple, functional layout. A ranch home can also have two stories with a basement or dramatic cathedral rooftop,


While selecting the optimal architecture for your home, ensure you work with a professional architect. They possess the knowhow to pick out the best option from your list, and can even mix and match, so you have an excellent blend.

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