4 Home Improvements to the Exterior of Your Home

While we think a lot about how to make our home interior more appealing, we often forget that the curb appeal also matters too.

Here are four ways to affordably improve the exterior of your home.

Front Lawn Care

For homes that feature a front lawn, keeping it regularly mowed and well-maintained is important as a good first impression. It’s also a great idea to use an edge trimmer to cut the edges of the lawn to create some sharp angles and some visual separation of where the lawn stops and the surrounding earth and plant life begins.

Unless you really want to go over-the-top, it’s not necessary to adorn your lawn with objects to make the place seem homelier. Here, less is definitely more.

Improve the Pathway or Driveway

Granite is an interesting type of quarry rock. Crushed granite has been compressed over the centuries and combines naturally to display several colors, depending on its source. Colorful gravel and sand is used for pathways and driveways making it an ideal surface to improve the entrance driveway or pathway to a residential home.

The granite has already been crushed down and yet still allows water to seep through on rainy days. The choice of different colored granite is an attractive feature that either can offset the appearance of the front yard or complement the existing color scheme of the front of the house.

Overhaul the Roofing

The roof definitely is one area of a home that goes unnoticed until it leaks! However, changing the shape or appearance of your roof when performing renovations is an affordable way to give the front-facing (and back) of your home a different look.

For older roofs from the 60s or 70s, the concrete tiles have likely long since faded. There are many choices of tile styles like stone, roman, clay or slate, that can be used to create a different appearance and coloring. A different roof shape can then be built out using the new materials.

Should the Windows Be Replaced?

The windows look out to the road and are often one of the first things people see when it comes to curb appeal. A good set of windows provides real personality to the home whereas a basic or badly worn set of window panes and tatty frames that have seen better days make a home look weathered.

Based on what development rights are available for the home, it’s possible to alter the previous window frame style to something more modern. Alternatively, you can keep the original style to fit in with the existing home design but find window designs that successfully put a new spin on an old idea. Be sure to use a FENSA-approved window installer or get local planning permission first.

It’s not difficult to improve how the exterior of your home looks. It doesn’t have to cost the earth either and often adds to the resale appeal and the home’s value too.

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