3 Reasons Rugs Add Value To A Property

When decorating your house, you’re more than likely looking to create a cosy, personalised space that you can come home to at the end of the day. But decorating is so much more than this. If you’re looking to sell your property then the way your home is designed can have a significant impact on how quickly the property shifts off the market. With that in mind, one simple way of improving the overall aesthetic of your home is with the use of a rug. This simple addition to your home can transform a room to create a professional and stunning interior design that will help to sell.

Interior Design

Carpeted floors are becoming less and less popular as wood flooring and it’s variations, including laminates and vinyls, are now homeowners go-to’s. Wood floors give you a stunning effect that can make any room look far more expensive and trendy. Wood floors far outlive any carpet, but sometimes they just need a little bit of something softer to bring back that comfy feel to our feet. This is especially true in rooms such as lounges or bedrooms where you’re more likely to be walking barefoot. Rugs are great therefore at giving you that homely look while still benefitting from the gorgeous aesthetic of a wood.


Rugs can bring a welcoming atmosphere like no other home accessory. They add that much needed softer touch that helps viewers envisage themselves living in the property. For the ultimate cosiness, use a longer pile rug such as a shaggy rug. Their plush feeling underfoot is great for adding that bit of warmth and texture. Match this with the right accessories and you home will instantly look stylish and refreshing. The colour you choose for you rug will also have a great impact. Warmer colours will help rooms with high ceilings or extra space to feel that bit more snug. Cooler tones however will open up smaller rooms and offer a more neutral palette to work with. Ultimately this rug will be yours, so most importantly make sure that its something you like!


We’ve talked a lot about how rugs are incredible for adding that visual aspect in your home, but they are more than what they seem. Rugs are practically great for your home too. They help to prevent trips and falls of slippy floors by giving you that traction and this is particularly great if you have pets and or kids. Not only this, but they are great at trapping heat too. Wood floors are excellent at retaining heat on their own, but with the addition of a rug, you’ll have that extra bit of warmth and insulation. Finally, they are fantastic at dampening sound. If you have a room that echoes then a rug will absorb some of that blank space to stop your room sounding so empty.

So, there you have it. Three ways that you should consider a rug for you home. They give you all of the aforementioned benefits, plus, give your property that sophisticated finish that will jump out at viewers when you are looking to sell on.

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