Have a wasp situation? Here are some DOs and DONTs

When you see a wasp, what’s your instant reaction? Do you panic, try to hit it with something, or let it be? Wasps are among some of the most unpleasing insects there are, and having them around is often discomforting. They are aggressive, fiercely territorial and often live in clusters. And for those who have had an unpleasant and painful experience of being stung by a wasp, would want to keep them away. So, in case you come across a wasps or hornet’s nest in your vicinity, here are some Read more [...]

Top Tips to Help You Get Rid of Pests in Your Home

In your home, guests are probably welcome but there are some guests that you won’t want to let through the doors. Sometimes, wild animals can find their way into your garden and going through your bins, but they can, unfortunately, get into your home as well. This can be a nightmare to deal with and it may give you a fright when you least expect it. We are going to discuss some top tips on how you can get rid of pests so, keep reading to find out more. Common Household Pests When you think Read more [...]