Sheds Don’t Have to Be Boring

Many homes have sheds and most of them are used in the same way. They become a place to store tools, bicycles, and other items that might not always be welcome inside the home. Often they are neglected. The stereotype of footballs being buried behind open cans of paint, each stacked behind a bag of soil rings true for a reason.   However, more people are beginning to rethink their homes. Renovation is a hugely popular hobby and home design is at the forefront of many minds with property Read more [...]

Common Causes of Ceiling Problems

Your roof is not the only element of the house that protects your home from the outside elements; your ceiling is the second line of defence. However, like anything else, this also can have problems in the long run. There are various issues that you may encounter with your ceiling after some time, including but not limited to peeling paint, sagging, cracks and stains – data researched at Knowing what causes these problems can help you determine the best course of action to take Read more [...]