4 Remarkable New Home Architecture Styles

Finally, you have made the big decision to build a new home. Selecting an architectural style for it is both exciting and daunting as there are so many options to choose from! You can have an old, almost medieval-style home, or a modern home. All around you and on Pinterest must be filled with dozens of ideas, and narrowing it down may be challenging. Many factors can help you narrow down to the ultimate perfect architectural style. Consider the climate of your home town; for instance, a pitched Read more [...]

Basic Guide to Liquid Screed for Floor Construction

Modern flooring typically consists of several layers. The primary structural support comes from the concrete base, while sub-floors and insulation enhance function and stability for the flooring finish. Depending on the type of floor finish used, you can also choose from a variety of sub-floor or screed options.   Different types of floor screed   Traditional floor screed mixture is typically composed of sand and cement. You can order a bag and mix it on-site, or you can contact Read more [...]