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Patient Blogging


Patient blogs are a way for patients to communicate to their friends and family and journaling can help them get through what may be a difficult experience. It can also benefit the hospital by offering self-generating patient stories that potential new patients can be directed towards. From the Fetal Treatment Center‘s website statistics, I know that we already have fetal […]


Pediatric Blogging


After hearing the session on blogging at the NACHRI conference, I did some research into pediatric blogging. I found that there aren’t nearly the number of pediatric bloggers as there are neuroscience bloggers, but there are still some interesting sites out there: Blogs targeted at patients PediaCast – a pediatric podcast for parents. Presented by Dr Mike, a board-certified pediatrician […]


Rx Blogging (NACHRI wrapup part 2)

    March 21, 2007 at 2:04 pm in science

As a medium, blogging lays somewhere between a newspaper article and Hamlet’s egocentric soliloquy. Over the past year or two, the wild interwebtube has become overrun blogs like some sort of bunny warren with burrows reaching to infinity. The variety of topics range from politics to cute puppys & kittens to science to “oh my gawd, you wouldn’t believe who […]


Cutting people open live! (NACHRI wrapup part 1)


I went to several sessions involving online health care and promotion at the NACHRI conference. It was really interesting to see what other hospitals are doing. As I have a lot to say, I’m going to break this up into multiple parts. Part one here is about Akron Children’s efforts with ORLive webcasting from the operating room. Other sessions will […]


So tell me… What was your womb environment like?

So tell me… What was your womb environment like?
    March 14, 2007 at 7:30 pm in science

The tour presentation went exceedingly well with rave reviews—though frankly it’s hard for it not to with Dr. Harrison, the “Father of Fetal Surgery” giving the talk. It was filmed too which is excellent, and I’ll endeavor to link to it once it’s edited and online. The main point of Dr. Harrison’s talk was how intrinsic fetal diagnosis and therapy […]