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Get Ready for Balsa Man 2009!

    July 19, 2009 at 4:58 pm in art

It’s been a long time brewing but is finally live! And you know what that means‚ Balsa Man 2009 is right around the corner! The Balsa Man burns in 48 days! For more info check out the new Balsa Man Website and follow @balsaman on twitter.


Looking sharp on Bike to Work Day


Also, keep a monocle peeled for the dashing wheelmen (and women) of the San Francisco Tweed Ride ( and their occasional sartorially advanced jaunts through the city. via Rock! …I mean what a positively smashing turn of events we were mentioned in the SF Chronicle! Posted via web from CatCubed’s Random Snippets


The Disposable Film Festival

    May 7, 2009 at 1:01 pm in art

via I really like the idea of this film festival. I will be at the Bike-In Movie screening on May 13th Wednesday. Hope to see you there. Posted via web from CatCubed’s Random Snippets


SF Tweed is rolling!


Some of you may have noticed that the new SF Tweed site has launched and we have announced the next Tweed Ride! This labor of love has taken longer than I expected ‚Äî live’s been busy ‚Äî but I’m quite happy with the results. A big thanks to Rubin Starset for buying the domain, setting up the WP install, and […]


Spring Creativity


I’ve been flush with creative projects lately and it feels good. I created the logo for Timescale, a mile long art installation with columns marking the time since the Earth was formed‚ sounds awesome huh? Too bad it won’t be going to the playa due to Burning Man Org’s withdraw of their art grant. Tis’ sad but oh well on […]


Art Flotsam

Art Flotsam
    March 9, 2009 at 12:40 pm in art

A recent article in the SF Chronicle indicated that the recent 2009 Valentines Day Pillow Fight incurred at least $19,000 in city cleanup costs. As a result, the city is looking into cracking down on this and other related messy events like the Zombie Mob which leaves a trail of fake blood and the Pie Fight with it’s splattering of […]