Roofing materials to consider for your house

One of the most important elements of a home is the roof. To choose the most suitable and desired, choose the variety of roofing that a specialized roofing store can offer. In order for the roof to be not only beautiful but also suitable for your home according to your specification, you need to know what materials the roofs are made of.

Types of coatings

The modern roofing market is dominated by roofing panels that are durable and reliable. Roofs can be made of a variety of materials – from wood to modern polymers. Roof coverings are classified as follows:

  • single – include slate, tile and wood. From this classification, the most popular type is ceramic tiles because they are easy to operate. Single roofs have sound absorption and solar radiation impermeability properties.
  • rolls – it is resistant to high temperatures, cold and decay. This type of roof is characterized by durability, a huge selection of types and colors.
  • flooded – this type of roof is characterized by durability, a huge selection of types and colors.
  • sheets – these coatings are resistant to low temperatures, sunlight and low temperatures.
  • films – these roof coverings are easy to install. They are best suited for those homes that have a solid foundation.

Why are ceramic tiles popular?

If you are planning to choose a roofing material, most would advise you to choose ceramic tiles. This type of roof is special in that it is durable ( it lasts about 100 years ). Also, this type of coating is very beautiful and strong, so even after many years they will look great. Clay is used to make these roofs, which are fired at high temperatures. This phenomenon gives the roof water resistance.

If you do not want to choose ceramic tiles, you can also buy concrete. They are manufactured using pressure rolling technology. In order for them to have the desired color, a special color pigment is added. Concrete tiles are close to ceramic tiles in their properties.

What can roofs be like?

The types of roofs are as abundant as the materials from which the roofs are made. However, the most popular are:

  • metal roof – these roofs are popular because they do not lose their original appearance even after 100 years
  • flat sheets – these roofs are made of black or galvanized steel. These roofs are not heavy, easy to install, heat and moisture resistant. They are also fire resistant.
  • profiled sheets – these roofs are lightweight, easy to install. Has excellent resistance to frost and rust

Of course, the most important thing is to choose the kind of roof that you like the most and will last the longest.

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