Goals For Your Home

Your home should be a sanctuary, for you to relax and wind down after a busy day, but also a place for making memories with loved ones. We expect a lot from our home, and sometimes we can forget to show it the tender loving care it needs. Here I am going to share 5 things that I always find rejuvenate my home and one very important element to loving your home.


Declutter Your Home


Clutter causes us to feel stressed, it also distracts you by drawing attention away from the things that matter most. The question I like to ask myself when I am decluttering my home is, does this item serve a purpose? Whether that’s a practical purpose or just brings joy in your life, it has to have some sort of meaning to be worth holding onto.


It can be good to try and have a regular clear out, because you can hold onto something thinking it will serve a purpose, and twelve months down the line it has never been used and it is just taking up space in your home.


Optimise The Layout Of Your Home


An individual’s lifestyle is one of the biggest factors that should influence a home’s layout, but I can imagine a lot of people don’t consider this when they are designing their interior. One great tip for optimising the layout of your home, is draw your floor space and track the regular movements through your home that you or other members make. Here you can highlight functional challenges that happen on a regular basis.


Find What Your Home Is Missing


A home should represent the members who live in it, such as using their favourite colours, representing their personal style and most importantly, reflecting the things most important to them. If you love relaxing watching TV shows and movies, focus on decorating your living space, if you love cooking and enjoying dinners with family or friends, decorate your kitchen and dining room to reflect this.


My favourite coffee shop in my local area has stylish, Scandinavian inspired decor that I find inviting and timeless furniture, so I spoke to the manager to ask more about the pieces. My favourite furniture designs being the Eames Dining Chairs, I then went home and searched online where I could purchase these striking pieces for my own home. Take inspiration from your favourite things and places.


Find a Piece of Art Your Love


Art is a great way to express yourself, finding a piece that you adore is a beautiful thing as you can look and admire that piece everyday. Consider your home and what aesthetic and vibe you are trying to achieve. Your style and preference should dictate what art you should use. Find a space for where the piece or pieces will go, and find the right shape for that space.


One Way To Love Your Home, Discover Your Own Personal Interior Style


We can sometimes dictate how we decorate our home by trends, following what we see in magazines and stores. This trendy style might not represent who we are, and as everyone knows, trends easily come and go. It is important to find your own, personal interior decor style so that you love your home no matter what, and this isn’t dictated by other people.


There are endless quizzes you can take online, or a great way to discover this style is through the use of moodboards. Create a moodboard for what you like, and a separate moodboard for what you dislike. Connect the dots between each of the moodboards, is there a common era, style, materials, colour palettes being used on either moodboards. Understanding what you dislike can be as helpful as understanding what you like.


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