Bonobo “Black Sands” short review

Bonobo “Black Sands” short review

March 19, 2010 at 5:32 am by in art, life

Reposted from my twitter as I listened to Bonobo’s latest album Black Sands.

Listening happily to Bonobo’s latest album Black Sands. I don’t like all of it but the tracks that are good are damned good. 24 minutes ago via Tweetie

I miss Bajka from Days to Come. Andreya Triana is a good singer but she’s almost too smooth with nothing to grab your ear and pull you in. 8 minutes ago via Tweetie

1009 is my favorite song on the album. Chill, yet glitchy and always feeling as if it’s on the verge of rocking the house.  3 minutes ago via Tweetie

BTW for those of you in the Bay Area, Bonobo is playing at the Mezzanine, April 23rd!

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  1. Thanks for the pointer – I really like that tune as well! Very nice site!