Thursday Tweed Ride! Feb 12th

Thursday Tweed Ride! Feb 12th

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Knickers & Bicycles (photo by Matthew J. Shaw)

Knickers from the London Tweed Run (photo by Matthew J. Shaw)

It’s about time our fair city celebrated the fine pleasures of Herringbone, Bow Ties, and Bicycles! We refuse to endure anymore spandex! Nor will we sully ourselves by “corking” — or whatever it is the kids call it these days.

Our fine brethren in jolly old England really know how to sport a cap, so I say, so shall we!

Thus, February 12th will mark the inaugural Thursday Tweed Ride!

Break out your dashing wool finery, smartly set that cap on your head, straighten your tie, and join us for a fine ride through the grand city of San Francisco!

Thursday Tweed Ride, Feb 12th

We will sally forth from the gorgeous Dolores Park near the majestic bell at the 19th Street entrance. The ride will begin at 6:30pm and from there we will peddle a winding course through the streets — waving to all the beautiful faces we see along the way.

Of course as it is February, it may be brisk out and maybe even a little wet, but your wool should keep you warm and dry! However, if the cold still seeps through never fear as our destination is Irish coffee at the marvelous Tosca Cafe!

As a note to all you Tweed Riders: Thursday’s weather shows a small chance of light showers. While dry would be ideal, this is fine as Tweed’s great in rain — it’s made for the outdoors. Also, if it begins to really rain, we’ve planned spirit stops to stay warm!

UPDATE: Contest Details!

  • Most Dapper Chap
  • Most Snappy Lass
  • Most Stylish Vintage Steed
  • Most Inspired Interpretation of Tweediness
  • Best Mustache ‚Äî open to both lads and inventive lasses
  • As Feb 12th is also Darwin’s Birthday, we may have a special prize for any Darwin look-a-likes that show up!

With smashing prizes donated by Velo-Orange, Manifesto Bicycle, The Freewheel Bike Shop, Refried Cycles, and Prof. NifNaks Fine Moustachios!

More contest info and prize details can be found on A Tweed Primer.

Qarly in Tweed Rider Summer Attire (photo by ioerror)

Qarly in Tweed Rider Summer Attire (photo by ioerror)

For more Tweedy inspiration, traipse on over to A Tweed Primer. Also, I suggest perusing photos and video of the recent Jan 24th London Tweed Run:


Thursday Tweed Ride!

February 12th
6:30pm — Start at Dolores Park (at the 19th St. Bell)
7:00pm — meet up with East Bay Tweed at 16th St Mission BART*
Ends at Tosca Cafe.


*NOTE: The first BART train that allows bikes into the city arrives at 16th St. at 6:45pm. For more schedule info visit

NEW WEBSITE! For more Tweed and info about the next Tweed Ride visit

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  1. Jolly good show!

  2. And cheers to you sir! Your exhibition of photography taken during the last Saturday’s London Tweed Run was exemplary!

  3. Dear Sir:

    I commend the artistic flair in the design of your handbill. Furthermore, I am humbled that you have seen fit to honor me with a valuable link to my website.

    Regrettably, I am unable to attend your soiree, but I extend my deepest wishes for a jolly time by you and your compatriots.

  4. And which Tweed (tweels) will you be wearing? Harris, Donegal or Silk?

  5. Thanks for dropping by Colin. I just published your comments and your invitation link at Dapper Cyclist Tweed Run
    This so my cup of tea or should I say Irish Coffee…

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  7. All those links, and none to what started it, where it’s all documented, and the aftermath:
    The Tweed Run.

  8. Thanks David! I was looking for that! Now I see it was buried in a ungooglable forum.

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  11. I wish our town Santa Rosa would do something like this! I’ll try my best to make it to this one if the bus transportation here from the Sonoma county to the Marin would be fair……

  12. Clearly an Oakland Tweed Run must follow such an excellent idea in the city!

    Perhaps Lake Merritt to Lanesplitter on Telegraph or ??

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  14. A note to the beginner tweed cyclist: As our fair city by the bay is known for it’s hills, it has been asked whether our route requires prodigious application of low gears and muscled thighs.

    Of course, I for one will never pass up a chance to ride with a gentleman or lady’s muscled thighs. However, it must be said that the SF Tweed Ride maintains a mostly flat route through the town of San Francisco. Thus, all dashing cyclists are welcome to join regardless of strength or number of gears.

  15. Where might one find information about the East Bay Tweed Ride?, who (as noted in your wonderful announcement) are meeting you jaunty folk at the 16th st. mission BART station?

  16. I don’t have tweeds, but I could show up with a highwheel bicycle or two…or 3, or 4..

  17. @Katherine There is no separate East Bay Tweed Ride, but we are meeting Tweed Riders coming from East Bay at Mission & 16th BART at 7pm. If you schedule yourself to arrive on the train that gets to 16th at 6:40pm, I’m sure you will encounter a number of jaunty Tweed folk!

  18. @KevinS The ride is a bit more about the Tweed than the bicycle — tweed is really easy to get at any thrift store. Also considering that we are riding cross-town I won’t recommend a penny farthing.

  19. Excellent times last night, thanks for organizing! I shall look forward to the pictures and the memories.

  20. A splendid evening, what! Nighttime Tweedling is my new favorite! And three cheers to the wonderful volunteer diplomats, who so gallantly threw their bodies into the fray to let all the tweedcyclists traverse without a care in the world! Hip Hip, Horg!

  21. 3 cheers for tweed in deed and all who rode there noble steeds!

    Great night or riding and friends! It was a pleasure to meet so many passionate cyclist and tweed enthusiast! Big thank you to all who organized and got this going! cant wait for the next one!

  22. AGAIN! AGAIN! The ride was fantastic!

  23. quite the enjoyable outing fine chaps and lasses!

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  26. Looking forward to the next one! I guess I stay posted to for info?

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