Wikis, hives, and cholinergic urticaria! Oh my!

April 28, 2007 at 3:47 pm by in science

Along with my various allergies and mild asthma, several years ago, I was fortunate enough to start having hives mysteriously appear over my body. At first, I was kinda scared and then I realized it wasn’t dangerous just annoying and itchy. It took me a long while to figure out what was going on. Most urticaria (aka hives) is idiopathic and doctors tend not to know how to treat it. Mine mostly appeared during exercise and when my body was overworked, but it was kinda hard to really figure out.

At first, I tried limiting various things out of my diet, sugar, milk, etc.. This would seem to work for a bit and then stop working again. I tried candida cleansing treatments as I read on a forum that it helped. This too seemed to work for a while and then it stopped working. The fact that these worked even for a bit proves nothing though since, as I learned, urticaria sensitivity often goes through phases which can be seasonal or random.

I admit I never really bothered seeking a specialist for it because from my research no one seemed to get any real help from doctors. Treatment is basically only antihistamines and figure out your triggers. Well after reading more, I finally figured out my triggers and realized that my own case was mostly cholinergic urticaria. It’s basically a flawed thermoregulatory response — the body heats, initiates the sweat glands to cool the body down, and for some reason my body then freaks out produces histamines.

Nowadays, I know to just keep my body cool as much as possible and dose up antihistamines whenever it goes through a bad phase or when I know I’ll be overheating myself (ie. Burning Man). I also learned to stack Zantac (yeah the anti-acid med) on top of the normal antihistimines cause it has a synergistic effect that can often completely stop outbreaks. Of course, I had to read this online in various out of the reach corners. My life is better due to this knowledge combined with the fact that it seems to be fading away completely with only a bad phase here or there (yeah stupid fickle disease, for most people it just shows up out of the blue and tends to just disappear again several years later for no reason).

So today, I did what I’ve been meaning to do for a while. I compiled all my research into a solid wikipedia article so that the next person who has this happen to them can find info more readily. It probably needs a bit more editing, but that can wait. If you’re interested you can check it out: Cholinergic Urticaria.

Warning: Zantac or Tagamet can reduce the metabolization of alcohol and other products that are processed by the liver, thereby increasing it’s effects. Intermediate use of either of these medications should be fine, but as with any drug there may be additional side effects of long term constant use. Long term use of Zantac or Tagamet should not be done without first discussing with your doctor.

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  1. Hey guys, i’ve had this reoccurring every winter for about 9 years.
    Back in highschool 16-18 it was absolutely MISERABLE when it happened to me. I would have to go into the toilet scratch myself and pour cold water on my body…

    It was HARD to workout, so it made me Unfit.
    Being unfit = more stress = contributes to the cause of CU?

    I REALISED The main solutions are:

    1. EAT RIGHT


    - 2-3 times a week inc treadmill
    - Stay fit
    - gradually build your workout on tread mill.
    - if you have to stop and go to the toilet and scract yourself, do that
    but be persistant
    - try to sweat as you can. I believe your body NEED TO SWEAT to let the toxins out, especially becuase of the buildup!
    - Exercise decreases stress

    3. don’t Stress!

  2. 4. Clean clothes



  3. oh.. from memory I got rid CU after 2-3 weeks of exercising

  4. Hi guys! Having had the same problem(CU) like for 5yrs. Now I am 19. I have blonde hair and fairly white skin.

    Gotta tell you all the anti-histamine medicament on me worked really really bad, it made me slow and even worsen my results in school – since I was sleepy and couldn’t concentrate. Soon I realized the most antihistamine meds are no use since it can only suppress the ‘illness’ not really cure it, and giving away big money just for suppressing seemed stupid to me.

    One and the most important thing that I realized is to workout, but what is most important, workout regularly! I quite played with this and had best results when I woke up early – 6AM went to cycle HUNGRY and cycled for about an hour, then took cold/hot shower, it disappeared after 1 weak completely LOL. (well its really hard to keep this pace though, I’d recommend to workout 2-3 times a weak to keep it longterm) Unfortunately then mother came home ill with some cold or anything and I started to cough + had my stupid CU back! And in even worse state, I HAD TO take 1 Zyrtec-like pill after more than a year. since it was too strong and it appeared really fast after a few mins. of sport! That made me think this illness is immunity based, so I try to stay fit, drink special immunity teas and I have prepared some meds to strengten the immunity. Now I don’t really know if this works or not, just trying something.

    Now another interesting observations : Cold showers help definitelly, I believe it’s because people need cold, even if it makes your CU rashes appear – CU seems to go together with the Cold hives, well, at least in my case and I remember when I was in mountains like 2 yrs. ago, it completely disappeared after that vacation for like a year. I think another helpful thing might be finnish sauna, let’s try it! I don’t have many experience with that but it should help your skin regenerate its skin cells. Another thing – There seems to be a big gap in medical research, doctors I’ve visited so far, only seemed to stupidly prescribe expensive meds and meant NO REAL HELP whatsoever in this subject. The experience of people who suffer that, is simply PRICELESS (ah ye Mastercard is here:) Really medical research need to examine this missing area more thoroughly.

    Also I was a weak kid and my schoolmates used to pick on me and almost bullied me, that was about the time my hives started to appear, so please people try to REMEMBER if you did suffer some psychical damage before the first trigger of the hives. This makes me feel it could be mental issue, but I wouldn’t ever accept religion cause of the cure, like the guy above me, it seems like hypocrisy, ignore the God and then start to praise him just because you feel unwell.

    I am affraid the illnesses like that could be a new mass problem of humankind of 21th. century since IMO ti kinda has something to do, as I mentioned, with our immunity system, which doesn’t seem to work OK – it often reacts ficle (maybe by the chemicals in the air? overall polution?) Definitelly field of allergies is getting wider and wider, I wonder if natural people like in Africa, Asia, Alaska, etc. have the same problems… I think not. I think we’re the victims of this ‘advanced’ style of life and we will read about this in common newspaper in the future.

    As for the end I believe this illness is caused by the combinations of factors by both physical + psychical states.

    People try to be more specific say your age, what skintype you are, if you have any other health complications, if doctors helped you, what were the used meds and their effect. Please share your experience with us, it may also help the doctors to learn something :)))

    CU (awww the irony ;)
    Mr. Krang

  5. I’ve experienced hives only on my face (huge, red, raised whelps that itch before they even start to turn red) from allergy to citric acid for several years now. I just recently decided to try Zyrtec generic to try to control the hives. I started out on the full 10 mg and it helped immediately (no more hives), but made me tired. So after a few days I started breaking the pills in half and take one every evening before going to bed. If I start to feel the hives coming back even when on half-dose, I just take a whole one again and can go back to the half pills for a week or two. I’ve also had reflux problems for years and years. This medicine (cetirizine Hcl) seems to knock it right out, actually does a better job than Nexium. I take it and a few minutes later start burping my misery away. I know this isn’t Chronic Urticaria, but just hoping to help anyone out there that may come across this greatly helpful site. I feel for you all. I also have Spasmodic Torticollis. So I saw the word cholinergic and just had to read what your article had to say.

  6. Hi,

    I think I will join this merry gang of CU sufferers. I have never had any allergies before except mild allergies to dust and perhaps what I now know to be ragweed. However, I started having hives episodes in April. It started with exercise but sometimes i think that I am hypersensitive and that any environmental allergy will also trigger my hives. I have gotten it walking on rainy, overcast days. Definitely, heat affects me; in July I could feel the difference in temp. between the AC work environment and the hot humid exterior in my throat- I mean that my throat tightened, felt like a stiff neck once I went outside. Then for the month of July to mid August I ate no hot foods since my jaw muscles seem to tighten. I live in Boston so now the temp. is going down, I feel better but the hives are still there after I take a long walk, or clean my apt. I just have to rule out the environmental allergies – in november ragweed will be gone and then I will know for sure. RAST tests don’t give strong strong results to support food allergies.
    I have been trying to drink green tea and peppermint tea regularly. Eating mainly vegetables and taking 1 zyrtec a day. Next weekend i will try to excercise again. MY PCP told me -off the record- that acupuncture seems to work for some people.So i may try that …Has anyone here?

  7. Hi, I have/had CU also. I’d like to share what seems to be working well for me and hopefully someone else can try it and see if it works for them as well.
    first off : Me…..I’m a white, fair skinned, 25 year old male who started getting symptoms suddenly 2 years ago…no change in diet, no known allergies, no meds, high but typical stress levels, in pretty good physical shape. Within a month I went from normal to grinding my teeth in pain after having to make a sudden stop in traffic, or getting in a hot car, or attempting to work out.
    What worked: fish oil pills, more specifically, the omega 3 fatty acids EPA and DHA…. I just took what it said on the bottle (a little more at first I think). It helped a lot after about 2 weeks. After a few months I stopped with the pills but would go back on them for a month if I felt things starting up again, since at that point it would come back if I stopped for a few weeks. As of now, I haven’t taken a pill in 6 months and am symptom free 90% of the time, and when I do feel something, its just a little very short lived very mild itching with nothing visible happening on the skin.
    So yeah, not an instant perfect miracle cure, but it is easy to get, cheap, healthy, and you’ll know in a month if it is going to have an effect or not, so it might be worth a shot.

  8. Hey guys,
    you can go and check information here there are 23 pages of comments about cholinergic urticaria, i have read all of them and i think that cholinegic urticaria is allergy to your own sweats.

  9. regarding chris’ comment on fish oil – I have been a regular user of fish oil since childhood and i was actually taking it occasionally before the hives episode and I still take one almost everyday now. I’m not sure that it is an instant cure.

  10. Hi guys.I am glad i came across this website.I started to get hives all over my body a few days ago.It started on my hands. How is this thing caused? i am so scared.It is spreading like wild fire.My doctor thinks it is something i have touched,but how can it then spread all over my body? Has anyone experienced this and then it goes away?Also does anyone know if it gets worse before it gets better? I have had this for nearly a week now?

  11. Regarding Suzanne’s problems with hives. My daughter developed hives all over her body a few months ago. It was quite sudden and distressing and we retraced all the foods she had eaten, things she’d touched etc. Finally we worked out she was allergic to airborne chemicals produced by some aroma sticks someone had given me for my birthday! You know the sticks that stand in scented oil and diffuse the scent around the house? As soon as we removed them from the house, her hives went away!

  12. I’ve had CU for 8-10 years now. I used to take antihistamines for it, but now i just live with it.

    There seems to be a genetic predisposition to this condition in my family as my sister has outbreaks too. In the first year or two, my hives used to be super-itchy and raised, but these days it is more mildly itchy and flat red blotches – i spent years avoiding exercise, getting fat and feeling depressed over the CU, but over time i’ve come to realise that my condition is pretty insignificant compared to the challenges that other people face, health or otherwise, and that staying well hydrated and working up a sweat riding my bike to/from work over the hills seems to bring the attacks on at those times and keep me clear the rest.

    Its an unsightly condition and i try to keep it to myself, wearing clothing that covers up the worst of it (my arms).

    Having an overactive immune system like this seems to keep most other sickness at bay however, and now that i’m exercising i’m losing weight and feeling so much better, having CU doesn’t seem like the burden it used to.

    I’m not sure if i’ll ever be totally free of the physical symptoms – but for me it was the psychological impact that was far worse – I became pretty distrustful and withdrawn, as well as unwilling to get out and do things. all because i was afraid of what people might think of my CU. For me that was far worse that the relatively minor, and fleeting (my attacks come on directly after exercise, or any event that raises my body temperature, and visible symptoms are gone in around 30 minutes) problems caused by the CU itself.

    I know some people have far worse cases of CU than me – mine has never been that physically painful, beyond fairly major itchiness – but to all those who suffer from this, you’re not alone – I felt that way for a long time. I think this condition is more widespread than is generally known

  13. hey i got this too…but kind of a weird story, I cut three fingers off in a table saw accident. This triggered a very low heart rate for me that although improved is still low at 52 bpm. My first indication that something was different was an intense burning on my ears when exposed to cold which was unusual because as a carpenter I was used to be outside in cold weather. The second indication was that my fingers on my GOOD hand would swell up when exposed to cold, but only the ones that corresponded to my missing fingers…weird huh. It is very painfull and leaves me with two useless hands…anti inflamorty meds like aspirin works for this. The realisation of CU came later when doing some river floating. When I come out of the water my back was beet red like sun burn but i knew that was impossible as my back was in the water. That fall i went to the ocean and waded only to have my feet and calves swell up and turn red. This, I figure is a combination of water and cold urticaria. I also have a sensitivity to the sun and exercise as described above. The hives part seems subdued but itching and rashes are common including itchy hard bumps on my torso that last for weeks, somtimes erupting.

    All this is very miserable and disturbing as I used to be quite the outdoorsman. I never travel without anti-inflamitories and benedrill and wear gloves on days below 55 degrees. I stay covered from the sun and avoid both hot and cold water.

    I also agree on exercise and keeping your stress levels down. The surpressed anger comment is also very usefull and a little help from god isnt a bad idea either. I am 44 and a sufferer for five years. Im nordic desent with light skin….. doctors are all the same….take expensive anti depressents, faulty lotions, avoid the triggers. People, your skin is under attack by your own body! Try to heal yourself in your mind….good luck.

  14. i was recently told i had exercise induced urticaria by a specialist at the alfred hospital in Melbourne Australia. i was told there was no treatment fot this. i do boxing and after a hard session i would be covered in welts(hives). i tried herbs and many other treatments and none never work. finally i have found something that could fix me. i visited justin batt from the Warrnambool Wellness centre ans he put me on a machine called the SCIO. this found that my digestive system was working at only 60%. this meant it was not breaking down my toxins proply and therefor they would be released when i sweat and it caused the rash. he put me on (inliven) a powder the builds your ammune system and also drops that helped kill the virius that was makind my digestive system only work at 60%. i also had another 3 sessions on the SCIO machine which helped the imbalence in my system. now about 8 weeks after i started this treatment i am nearly back to 100% and only get a few spots after sport which should clear up in a month. Don’t give up you can beat this it took me 8 months and a fair bit of money spent but try and find someone with a scio machine and give it a go

  15. In mid-October, I started getting hives. I had gone through a stressful situation of having to put my dog to sleep on Oct. 2. I started working out at a gym the next week, which is about the same time I started getting the hives. I have allergies to many things that are airborne or touch my skin. The major culprits are cats, tree pollen, dust, mold, some perfumes. Actually, I was allergic to all of the items on the skin test about ten years ago, and went through allergy shots for about five years. I don’t take them anymore because I got up to the max dosage and when they started backing me off, the allergies just came back. Got tired of all the needles.

    I have asthma, and also had eczema when I was a kid. I am now 42, a white female, and in fair health although I really need to lose at least 30 pounds.

    Back to the hives. At first, Benadryl worked. They have been appearing in many different locations on my body. The first ones were very high on my inner thighs, and have also been on other areas on my legs, back, lips, chest, and stomach. I was also sick twice within the last 6 week period with a virus, chest cold, or respiratory infection. I fought it on my own with OTC medication, especially Robitussin DM max and decongestants.

    My allergy doctor ran blood tests, and the only thing that came back was a mild reaction to beef and pork. I have eaten this all my life and have never had any problems. Doctor said that the director of Allergy and Immunology at my hospital has found a correlation between seed tick exposure and people who develop this allerby. I cannot believe that this is the cause, since I have cut them out of my diet and the hives only seem to be getting worse.

    I can only think that maybe they are caused by 1) stress from the death of my dog, 2) being sick twice within a six week period, 3) exercise, 4) allergy to the disinfectant at the gym that you have to wipe the equipment with after you use it, or 5) a combination of all or some of the above.

    Like I said, Benadryl worked at first. The doc put me on Zyrtec (which I already had), Singulair, and Rhinocort aqua (for post nasal drip, which I already had) every night before bedtime. After two weeks, still got the hives periodically. Went off of the Singulair on 12/1, because the doctor was assuming that avoiding the beef/pork would work. Hives have been active almost every day this week, and I went to the gym on Tues, Wed, and Thurs. I do not get these hives when I exercise. I got them at work today, I’ve got them tonight at home, and I often get them first thing in the morning after waking up.

    Can anyone provide some insight into what is causing this and what might help? Thanks for any info that you can provide. I am getting really depressed about this. I feel like screaming and crying because this is driving me crazy!

  16. I have a friend who has this crazy disease. It always start with a prick, then two then it goes to hell. In the moment of hell, it is like the body is being turned innside out, No pain has ever been higher. Exept for painful feelings.
    He first got it 9 years ago, the fall in 1999.

    My friend ” Im sitting in my chair watching a movie, everything is good. Then amongst thousands reasons i get warm.
    I know within myself that i will soon get my prick, there is alot of things i can do to prevent the attack, but it will only be a delay. I think the best thing is to let it play out. Because i know i get some time before it happens again. Everything has been realeased and needs to be build up again. There is also a medicin for this. But please be in mind that this is only a personal experience, you must consult your doctor.
    The medicin is marijuana. It makes your body realax, and surely it must be better then pills. I just found out that im not alone with this, and im very happy for that. Unless this is something spreading. Just want to say thanks to you all. I know how it is, keep your faith, be a good person.

  17. Hey,

    Im 16 now and I’ve had urticaria for the best part of 5 years. It sucks. I mean REALLY sucks. If I go for a walk outside, Im pretty much past the point of no return within 10 minutes and I’ll be completely covered in the shitty thing. As a result, I spend most of my time indoors. Well, Im pretty much in my house all the time. I’ll go out seldomly, and only to places that I’m pretty sure i’ll be alright at….. the cinema…..bowling maybe…. you know, anywhere thats indoors (thats a necessity) and I can be seated most of the time.

    As I’ve read in other peoples posts and is the same with me, its alot worse in the winter. But its pretty much bad all year round so its not really a big change.

    School is a real challenge sometimes.. at lunchtime i’ve got to stay in the school building and make sure theres someone i can hang around with.. its really shit at times.. I get asked to go to the village (near our school) for lunch. And Im like … “well I cant… I’ll get a rash..” and their just like….. “what?”.

    Thats one of the worst things really. I want to go out, to different places and do different things…. for example.. I got asked to go to Glasgow today (I live in scotland), apparantely its quite fun in the days before New Year… and I was like NO FUCKING WAY…. I wont manage the short wait to get on the train to get into Glasgow, nevermind go and walk around in the city. I really feel like im missing out. It really gets me down sometimes…
    And the worst part is that people don’t understand… they just think im a boring arse hole who’d rather stay in than go out and have fun….

    Im on like 13 antihistemines a day, and tbh they contain it, if i wasnt on them I would breakout in a rash everytime i walked up the stairs.

    Yeah… it sucks…

    And I feel like I suck for complaining about it because i KNOW that theres alot of other people out there who have it worse off than me…. but, honeslty, it seems to me that i’ve got it worse than everyone else that i know because they’re not always constantly thinking about how best to avoid it…. and i guess you wont know how that feels unless you have it.

  18. WOW!!! I have been suffering with this for about 2 years now, I have seen many doctors including specialists. I have also had skin tests blood tests (MANY!!) and all have come up with a blank!. They all said you have Urticaria, but which kind nobody knows, I have taken many kinds of antihistemines, steroids (which I dont recomend as you put alot of weight on) and various other pills, they work for the short term but nothing seemed to work fully. I enjoy an active lifestyle and play alot of sports but found I got a rash all over my body within 20 mins. To that end I have given up sports to be honest I just cant deal with the rash. Yesterday I had a specialist appointment at St Thomas hospital in london, and low and behold was diagnosed with CU !!!!! its only been 2 years, so here I am looking at all these people in the same boat and all the advise which is great and thanks very much. I also cant take any form of pain drugs, asprin stufflike that as I come out like a porky pine does anyone else find this ?. Anywauy thanks everyone for the advise and lets hope we all get better soon.

    Cheers Phil.

  19. hi
    i have UC and bendryl does not work it only makes me sleepy and not wanting to do anything. i exercise daily but i feel like the hives are starting to take it away from that. does the marijuana work because i heard that marijuana might in fact increase the out breaks?

  20. Hi,

    I am also a long suffering chap with CU.

    It all started at school age 15 when after a PE lesson when I was getting changed I noticed all these tiny red dots on my body. After a while these tiny dots also appeared on my arms, then hands and finally neck and head whenever I got hot (due to walking, exercising, getting embarrassed, hot baths etc)

    I am now 3 3 and so have had CU for 18 years (most of my life!), but it is possible to live a normal life and grow to accept what you have without it making life too misreable.

    Like some of you before, I got very self concious and ended up quitting all sports (what I enjoyed best at school) and also not finishing uni and I can honeslty look back and say that part of that was due to the CU. I would always feel too concious of the red dots and therefore any lectures only 10 mins walk away would too often get missed due to walking any length bringing out the urticaria. ( I was not lazy – only 11 stone and fit). It was always on my mind.

    However, as I grew older and perhaps more mature I realised that you only live life once and so I had to be more positive. I currently take antihistimines every day ( ceterezine and ranitidine) and I have to say that they work quite well. They are by no means perfect and a hot bath, very strenuous activity or strong emotion will bring on the urticaria but by in large I can live with it.

    I play squash, swim with the kids, walk the dog etc etc now. Do NOT let it take your life over like it did mine when I was young.

    Stay cool!

  21. I’ve just come across your website. I’ve suffered from this condition for more than 20 years, and now it’s practically gone! I’ve wasted time an money on doctors, and have tried many things to alleviate the itching. To make this short:
    When playing sports I would itch intensely – especially my scalp. As years passed It became worse and affected my entire body whenever my temperature increased. I realized when I kept exercising the itching would eventually stop. Also, I realized that after a hot summer night I wasn’t itching the next day – my body temperature was already up! So, after many personal experiments I tried to re-create that hot summer night experience. I simply bought a HEATING BLANKET! and have not itched in 5 years. Just so you know, the first two nights were terrible, but my body temperature has to elevated for at least a few hours to be effective. I don’t know how this blog works, but please let me know if this works for you.

  22. Hi all! I have also been dealing with CU for the past 3 years and have seen numerous specialists. I am currently questioning if it’s related or associated with candida (yeast overgrowth in system)? If our bodies are allergic to our own sweat, does that have something to do with our GI tract? I have a weird feeling that it is a buildup of unruly toxins in our system from stress, poor diets & inadequate sleep. I do not feel that any OTCs will work b/c I think they mask the issue and could potentially create more of a toxic environment…?

    Here are the few things that I’ve heard or tried:
    -I currently take a Multi-Vitamin, DHA supplement & a probiotic
    -Many people have recommended a whole foods (high fiber) diet with the least amount of processed foods possible (I know some people say it doesn’t matter, but hey – it’s all worth a shot)
    -Drink as much water as you can w/ fresh lemons (detoxifier)
    -Yoga/Meditation or anything to relieve personal stresses/struggles
    -1-2 Massages a month to flush toxins
    -Sitting in a steam shower to get your body temp to rise, body to sweat and push through the ‘uglies’ (as I call them)
    -Skin Brushing every day before shower for 5 minutes (start at feet and work towards heart) – to remove any potential build-up of dead skin in your pores
    -Epsom Salt Baths: you will sweat but it’s relaxing & it helps to flush the system as well – it draws toxins out and sedates the nervous system while being a muscle relaxer at the same time
    -I have also heard about mini-trampoline jumping, but haven’t tried this.

    I wish it was simpler. I do not feel that it is a one size fits all approach.

    I hope we can all keep posting what we think might work until there is headway into some amazing scientific studies.

    Best Wishes to you all!

  23. Hey, nice tips. Perhaps I’ll buy a bottle of beer to the person from that forum who told me to visit your blog :)

  24. Hi, Its really nice to see everyone writing about it. It takes away the I’m the only one suffering feeling or why me.

    I live in a climate ( Islamabad – Pakistan ) where it is extreme cold and summers are extremely hot. I find it difficult to go out in the sun. And its really hindering my passion for photography and adventure. I can’t even be in a crowded room for that matter.

    I also suffer from Bi-Polar syndrome and panic attacks which also trigger CU and sometimes the CU triggers the panic attack. The only time I find the pain really difficult to handle is when I’m driving.

    Started of on some hyper tension and relaxing meds which help. But mostly its about not thinking about it. Which is pretty hard at times.

    I think one should just keep a ice pack at all time, or their should be some sort of clothings that regulate and secrete the heat from the body.

  25. hi to all hives sufferers, try ecnihichea, a herbal supplement to boost the immunity system. It has worked for me, I had the worst cases, my face use to be out of symmetry looking like an ape, lips going out of proportion. I had to into recluse for at least 2 days in a row, This problem was around since I was a toddler, but not very serious. This last 2 years when I turned 50, I could not make appmts as my hives would usually appear leaving me indoors. My pharmicist recommended me ecnihichea, a herbal supplement. Initially I took 6 a day and within 3 mths reduced it to 3 a day. I hardly have a mild attack at all except when I stop taking it even for a day.

  26. I’ve been living cu for 6 years now. I notice that you can help prevent the breakouts by actually working out everyday. Let the hives appear by inducing heat so you get the hives in private, so when you go out the hives don’t appear as much. I used to enjoy the outdoors and play sports and now I’ve become very isolated. So depressing, i take zyrtec and zantec to controll the symptoms. But i would recommend not taking meds at all and just let your body fight it!

  27. Aussie Greg says:

    Is it possible to find the Cause and the Cure for Cholinergic Urticaria?

    Hi from your friendly blog owner. Please take this entire comment with a huge grain of salt. Hulda Clark is a known quack who like many of her fellow snake oil salesmen throughout history has had run into legal problems including a gov sting operation for practicing medicine without a license. For more see my reply comment below.

    Ok Guys I am thinking that I may be onto something regarding a possible cause & cure for this Cholinergic Urticaria (heat hives) condition. Bear with me while I tell you my story. I work in the mining industry and while living in the deserts in West Australia, one day about 12 or so years ago (circa 1997) I came down with hives or wheals. This condition seemed to come from nowhere; all of a sudden, there I was experiencing an outbreak of hives or wheals. They appeared on my scalp, forehead, eyelids, waistline, shoulders, occasionally back of knees and the tops of feet. They were like a mosquito bite in size, perhaps 8mm across and fairly round, they would last several hours. If I could cool down, take a cold shower, they would go away faster than if I just waited for them to go away naturally. Because I was working in the mining industry in outback Australia, conditions were often very hot. The hives would appear, regular as clockwork, when I got hot, which was at least every 2 days, sometimes every day and very occasionally I would not get much of an outbreak for 3 days.

    The hives varied in severity but for the most part were quite predictable. I would get hot, my skin would itch and tingle and the hives would quickly appear. My eyes would often almost close shut; I looked like Mike Tyson had given me a good beating. I was not able to cool down most days so they would last 2 hours or more, some of them would remain for 6 or more hours.

    We only had very slow internet dial-up access at that time, so doing any internet research was not an option. I went to a local Dr and he told me I was allergic to something. I played with my diet and laundry detergent and showered more often. Despite my efforts the hives just kept on keeping on. This went on for about 15 – 16 months, no change, and no relief. It was very frustrating, I felt quite invalidated, why me? And why could I not beat this thing?

    Then one day I was reading an article in a local farming newspaper about a couple of farmer brothers that had been suffering from dengue fever, a mosquito borne virus. They had both been virtually bed ridden for the best part of a year. The story went on to relate how one of the brothers struggled out of bed one day and was moving the electric cattle fence and accidently electric shocked himself. It is not very high voltage, so it was just a jolt, and he awoke next morning with no more symptoms of dengue fever. The 2nd brother then deliberately did the same thing, grabbed the electric fence, and he also got rid of his symptoms. This was a very conservative farming newspaper, so I figured there may be some truth to the story.

    So I got creative and started thinking, perhaps the hives are caused by a parasite or a virus that is living in the body, similar to dengue fever? Perhaps somehow when the body reaches a certain temperature something occurs that activates them? Perhaps they reproduce at certain body temperatures? Or die at certain body temperatures? I didn’t really care what they did or didn’t do, but if a parasite or virus or bacteria was the cause of my hives, I wanted them dead.

    Perhaps my premise or my thinking was completely wrong, but I was going to look down this road a little further.

    I then back tracked to just prior to my very first outbreak of hives and recalled being bitten while travelling in the taxi to airport in Sulawesi. I remembered thinking at the time “huh, that is different, hope I don’t get Malaria!” I don’t know what it was that bit me. And I don’t really know if it related to my hives.

    But by this stage I am thinking that could easily have been bitten by something, somewhere. Perhaps I was infected by some virus or parasite (or fungus or bacteria?) that is now living in the body and every time my body gets to a certain temperature, the invader gets activated in some way and that activity causes my body to respond in a certain way that creates an outbreak of hives. Perhaps the Sulawesi bite had nothing to do with my hives, perhaps it was just a coincidence, perhaps I had been bitten by something else and infected with something else. Maybe I ate something I should not have eaten. Either way I didn’t care, I had a hypothesis that was worth following. I didn’t need to prove anything; I just wanted to get rid of the hives.

    Concurrent with this parasite/virus/bacteria thought process I recalled a book written by Dr Hulda Clark that I had read back in the mid 90’s, where she described an electrical zapper that oscillated through a range of frequencies and when applied to the body it would kill parasites and virus and bacteria whose physical structure natural frequency fell within this frequency range. Radical?, yes, but I was getting desperate and looking outside of the box. No one else had an answer. It was the farmer story that had reminded me of this zapper. I am guessing that the farmers had replicated the frequency of the dengue virus while going through the process of grabbing and let going of the fence. I don’t care if it really happened as reported, the point is that the story prompted me to go down the road of trying the zapper.

    The dial-up connection lasted long enough for me to find a zapper for sale and I purchased it from a supplier in Sydney. When it arrived I did as instructed and zapped away, feeling kind of foolish, without any expectations of results at all. At the time of starting the first zapping session I did not have any hives showing and after 2 days of zapping the hives had still not appeared. So I zapped for the 3rd day and still no hives. I said to my wife, “I think I am cured” and I threw the zapper into the bottom drawer and got on with life. That was over 10 years ago and I have not had hives since. I did not think twice about it until recently when I stumbled upon a blog about Cholinergic Urticaria, and thought “what the heck is this about” I was quite shocked to discover that most people were describing a very similar hives condition to what I had suffered with for 16 months, over a decade ago.

    I don’t know if this will work for you, there may be other reasons contributing to your condition, or other reasons for keeping the hives reoccurring. It worked for me, it was not a case of mind over matter, it just worked.

    Simply put, within 3 days I was cured or had killed whatever it was that was the root cause of the hives. No change in diet or habits, or detergent, just cured. I do eat healthy, and care for my body and take vitamins and minerals, and eat fresh fruits and vegetable, and have always done so.

    I am sure many other natural things would also kill whatever life form it is that is causing the body to produce these hives. That would probably explain why in some people the hives just disappear. They probably ate cloves or ate too many cherries or plums or ate some herb or drank hot mulled apple cider, or something along those lines. Perhaps they fasted as well? I believe the possible list of other workable solutions could be very long. I am sure that the cleaner that your body is to start with, the less toxic that it is, the greater the chance for a quick or instant end to life with hives. I had done the Purification Rundown per the book “Clear Body, Clear Mind”, about 15 years prior to getting the hives, and I am sure that would have helped.

    From my observation, the indications are that the hives are a direct result of some parasite/virus or other life-form activity, in the body. Now that we have a clue of what to look for, some clinical study should easily be able to sort it out and isolate the culprit(s). Once identified, a broader range of treatments could become available. To me, the salient point seems to be, that the hives were apparently caused by the body’s reactions to the activities of another life form of some sort, living in the body. How it got into the body, I don’t know, what it was I don’t know, what I do believe is truth is that the zapper killed it. I am not a Dr, I am just making personal observations and drawing conclusions based on empirical evidence.

    A side note on the zapper. About a year later I had just returned from Indonesia and I had what felt like a hair stuck on the back of my tongue. I tried coughing it up and scraping it off for several days to no avail. Then it occurred to me it may be a parasite. So I dug out the zapper from the bottom drawer, dusted it off and changed the battery, and zapped away. Next morning I get up and go to the bathroom and cough once and expel this gelatinous blob. On closer inspection it was some sort of worm, probably a hook worm, a dead one. I unraveled it and it was about 75 mm long, and you could see where its’ internal working had ruptured, I am guessing as a result of the zapper matching its’ frequency.

    I put the zapper away again and have not used it since. I often wonder if it would “cure” Lyme disease or Malaria, etc?

    In 1995 I read a few of the books written by Dr Hulda Clark, she appears to be quite a left wing radical alternative kind of Dr, and has lots of detractors, and lots of followers. I think she has made some important discoveries. I disagreed with her on a number of her extrapolations and explanations. However, right or wrong, agree or disagree, the zapper worked for me. No more hives!! Thank you Hulda Clark!.

    I truly hope this helps you and wish the very best of luck to you. If this works for you please pass this information on to others. Contact me with questions and do let me know your results. I will keep a log of the results, good and bad, and if someone else does not do any clinical trials to isolate these culprits, I will try and arrange to get them done.

    Cheers, Aussie Greg

  28. @Aussie Greg: Hulda Clark is a known quack who peddles useless fake medical advice and products on people looking for a fix. She has had legal issues multiple times for practicing medicine without a license.

    Your story in the very least is anecdotal and some parts are likely apocryphal. For instance, your story about the dengue brothers is likely false as dengue has a very short duration‚Äîeither it goes away in couple days or if you’re very young/old it kills you.

    The zapper device is one of Hulda Clark’s more ridiculous pieces of snake medicine and really is right in line with the type of “treatment” offered by hucksters and snake oil salesman throughout time.

    For more see here:

  29. thank you for this. i just got Cholinergic urticaria and i was freaking out thinking i had shingles or something. i guess i need to chill and take some benadryl. thanks again this helps a ton

  30. Aussie Greg says:


    You make me laugh, of course my story is anecdotal, so what, I cured myself of CU. Surely that warrants a closer inspection.

    When you say a “known quack”, known by who? We are all entitled to a viewpoint and believe me I was as sceptical as any thinking guy would be about Ms Clark and her claims. As I am also sceptical about Dr’s who freely prescribe drugs that produce questionable or no results. There have been many people throughout history who have been unjustly “burnt at the stake”. I am not the one to light the fire without first inspecting the evidence myself. Perhaps unlike the next guy I didnt not make a decision based on hearsay, or questionable reports of others. Instead I tried it for myself, and it worked. I cant say I am sorry. Besides a zapper is far cheaper than dugs that dont work.

    As for Dengue, Australia has quite a bit of dengue, and I have personally known many people, even a neighbour, who was incapacitated for a year or more. Contrary to your above statement.

    I dont have UC anymore, the zapper handled it for me. I dont have a drum to beat and I have nothing to gain from telling my story.

    Despite your “grain of salt” comment, other people will try this, and I hope you will be happy if it works for them as well.

    Cheers, Aussie Greg

  31. Thanks for posting this information. My Mom is going through this now for 4 months and I’m trying to help figure out what the cause is. The Dr. just told her today that her blood tested positive for Lupus. I’m is sounds more like Cholinergic Urticaria to me. But you are right, the Doctors are having a hard time pin pointing what it is exactly.

  32. Thank you Colin!!! My experience reflects that of many others, I thought I was alone, and the doctors have no remedy other than to say ‘take anti-histamines’. At least I can now put a name to what i am experiencing.

    I am 33 and my symptoms first started almost a year ago. My whole life i have been active; I have participated in many sports from kickboxing to dancing to basketball. I was a regular gym goer for 15 years until February this year when the UC symptoms of an itchy rash on my arms would surface after 20 minutes of gym exercise. The more i exercised, the worse the symptoms manifested, after a few more weeks of exercise my torso and legs started to exhibit welts and become itchy (as well as my arms). Out of embarrassment and pain, i started running in the park, however my theory that exercising in fresh air may inhibit the symptoms was disproved. I stopped exercising because it was too painful, but now when i am doing minimal exercise, such as cleaning the house, going for a slow cycle, or even medium paced walk to the shops, results in a break-out. I miss exercise, it was an integral part of my life.

    I live in London (UK) and hope that other suffers might be able to recommend a specialist that they have seen that knows about UC diagnosis and treatment.

    All the best,

  33. Sean D again (Apr 2009). Has anyone tried to sleep with a heating blanket yet?

  34. Hello my fellowsufferers…
    How are you all….???
    Great to know that I am not the only soldier fighting this war within myself.
    my condition is slightly different.
    I have always been active all my life right from my childhood. I come from south India, where the temperature could touch 48 deg centigrade at times in summer. I am one of those thrill seekers who cannot control their adrenalin rush and do stuff which is even hard to think about. came to england in january 2008 and found the job in this tiles place.
    My job demands me to do heavy lifting, stacking and carrying loads. initially for a couple of months, it was all fine and then Mr. Hives entered into my life.
    everytime I do a physical activity, heat is generated in my body and if i continue doing that work for sometime, the inflamtion aka itching or burning starts from my scalp, goes around on to my forehead, on my temples, into every root of my hair, onto my chest, my nipples, my elbows, my back, my waist, my wrists and my thighs, sometimes to my calf muscles as well.
    It feels like i am being elctricuted. It also feels like hot oil spilling into my body, as if something is spreding in my body which travels with the speed of lightining all over my body.
    I didnot try any medication till now and did not see a doctor as well.I bloody did not even know my this health condition untill this minute. But thanks to all u soldiers, for writing down all your experienses and advices.
    I shall follow all of them without using any medication or seeing a doctor and see if anything really helps naturally. is my email id, if u guys want to get in touch. I live in greater london. All of us have to help each other and fight together to defeat Mr. Hives.
    Hives to us is like Aids to the hiv patients. A bit worse though coz, atleast we know the origins of Aids and methods to prevent it but With Hives… KNOWN IS A DROP, UNKNOWN IS A OCEAN…..!!!!!

  35. Aussie gregs advice about using a zapper machine, though it doesnt make anyy sense to some people is defnitely worth tring.
    So I am in the hunt for a zapper machine now and shall tell you guys about its success. Wait for the good newz….that should comfort, doesnt it??

  36. Hello guys, I have tried the heating blanket and started waking up with this itching sensation at 3 30 am or 4 am. tried it for about 4 days, cudnt take it anymore so stopped using it.
    Before using the heating blanket, I used to find the itchyness everywhere on my body starting from my head…bt these days, I mean after using the heating blanket, it doesnt feel itchy on my head and hair bt on the rest of my body yes, !!! So, I guess heating blanket does help a bit…..I have started heating blanket again, and will let u guys know about the progress very soon.

  37. Sorry for the late reply friends..
    I work for a tiles showroom which demands my physical strength. Whenever I start lifting heavy weights like adhesive bags of 20kgs or something…..The internal body temperature starts increasing. and with in no time the itching starts all over. There is one point though, I have never had rashes till now, I mean terrible rashes bt observed small red dots on my biceps after it happens.
    everytime I did some hardwork like running or lifting stuff or whenever my internal body heat increases…it used to happen.

    IMPORTANT OBSERVATIONS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1
    1. I remember those nights, when I was sleeping, I had this dream of a snake biting me…immediately I woke up and the itching sensation started. I had those dreams and itching sessions for a few night. musing over it I have come to a conclusion that It has got to do with your mind aswell. SO, I have started giving cautions to my body. Early morning when I get up. I sit down in a relaxed position and talk to myself. I say words like….


    This way, i do speak to myself and say a few encouraging words and think about lovely times I used to have in sun and arond heat…..hypnotise my body and believe me it helps.

    2. I have also observed that, when I become emotional it breaks out. like when my Boss shouts on me for no mistake, I really want to tell it on his face but I dont coz he is still angry, I try to eatup my anger and stay calm untill he calms down…and in this period hives used to break out, itching used to start.


    3. Dude, I dont know how old you are, but I am 24. Hard workout in gym really helps…..
    I have started work out just 1 week ago and I already know something is happening in me.

    I start with a crosstrainer…..after 5 minutes on it….. the itching slowly starts……bt I try to ignore it by watching sexy girls around, concentrating on their body parts, concentrating on the music and videos playing in the gym and try to visualize…myself dancing around those chicks…u know anything but I dont think of hives.

    It was tough doing that for the first two days, I had to run into the bathroom and start pouring cold water on my face.

    but on third day I have done continuous training on cross trainer for 20 minutes and nothing happend.




    important information……

    from last two weeks, I am trying to eat balanced diets and lots of fresh vegetable steamed or microwaved.

    I am also drinking green tea without sugar just with water for about 2 to 3 times a day. besides training in gym and hypnotising my mind.

    god, I cannot write anymore……I am too tired……..bro……everything I wrote is quite recent just happend two weeks ago….and it feels amazing to do anything u like without fearing your own body. It is lovely. it is my observation and my experience and my method to beat Hives.

    I am ROCKY, mechanical engineer (BTECH), and I have done my masters (M.S.C)recently in business information systems and management. This is to prove that I am not just speaking shit and making stories, I know what I am doing. Though what I have written sounds a bit funny and retarted……it helps…….so fuck it….I am gonna follow and continue using my method untill that day when i can proudly say MR HIVES HAVE NO MORE CONTROL OVER ME OR MY LIFE.

  38. Thanks for your experience Rocky, I don’t think you are writing this only for yourself. NO there are many people following your text and included experiences. I found beautiful forum for things regarding rashes and also CU its german web though, but fortunatelly I understand german so I can write down some tips from I will go through it next day and try to get some information for you, problem is the site is also full of bullshit that doesn’t work so I will have to filter the info a bit. Interesting information was that CU was completely healed for 2 persons by using some grape containing tabletes, so there’s some posibility that it’s beiing caused by some bacteria or fungus in but or bowl. They also took same omega3 tablets – fish oil and it helped. No antihistamines, that seems to only weaken the body. More info coming up soon, stay tuned :D

  39. Oh man I wanted to say “gut” no “but” I hope I didn’t accidentally add another “t” there lol

  40. Hi guys, so I am here again. I tried to gather some information from So there you go:

    Firstly what seems to HELP (not heal it) against hives is:
    1a) sport
    2a) sauna
    3a) swimming
    4a) possitive mood (laughing, smling)
    5a) avoiding stress
    6a) Avoiding fat and problematic food for you.

    So basic logic tells me here, everything that helps to improve immunity might suppress the hives, so if your day schedule will be morning – swimming combinated with some sauna, then sport with friends while eating healthy, avoid cigarettes, alcohol and stuff then again sport, and maybe spend some nice evening in a pub, to have some good laughs, you should be like hivesfree pretty quickly, problem is to keep such a schedule, and it is often impossible as people have to earn money, while sitting e.g. in office. So we have to read on.

    There are some expirence of people who are fully cured or allmost cured:

    1b) Nigella sativa oil (maybe its better accessable under the german name “SCHWARZKÜMMELÖL”), the guy ate few drops a day and his cold and heat allergy seemed to be healed.

    2b) Another guy ate combination of tablets and felt completely without symptoms in no time : Natrium Chloratum, Calcium Phosphoricum, Ferrum Phosphoricum

    3b) Girl tried to avoid everything from polyester and was completely healed.

    4b) Homeopathy seems to help but the information is very unclear, and every persons have different opinion on this. There were few persons, who have healed by eating drops against parasites in combination with drops (or tablets) against agressive acids in stomach (they had too acidic stomach)

    5b) Tablets against fungus as I told you yesterday, can be found in comment above.

    Another thing, what seems to be useless against hives? – Hard to guess, every person is original and what helps for one person can be totally useless for other, but there might be some hints based on empiric observation:

    1c) taking antihistamine will help only short term, but it looks like it will weaken your organism in longterm (tablets stop to have an effect later)

    2c) CU seems to be caused by some discrepency inside the body, so there is maybe low probability to heal it by creaming skin – so trying to heal it from outside might not be wise (but again, if someone has good expereince with it, keep going! And write it down for other people to know)

    3c) Getting browner or more red skin from sun only seem to cover hives (make it less visible), not to heal it, although there might be some important substences in the sun especially for you, which helps you then from inside and then it might change appearing of the hives.

    4c) Doctors…. Well this is meant partly as a joke, but we all probably know, how hard is to find the reason (source) of hives and going to ordinary allergy doctors makes very little sense, as you will probably only get antihistamines and lose your money and time there. Some specialist might be interesting, though they are often helpless even with SCIO based machines. Every person is other but I think following these urticaria Internet forums is a great idea.

    So now what might be the cause of this thing to even appear in us?

    1d) Some people think it might be inherent.
    2d) Other think it’s being caused by moulds in air or on walls.
    3d) Polluted air and nowadays conditions.
    4d) Stress.
    5d) Change of place of living (body not used to different conditions)
    6d) Badly balanced hormones in body
    7d) Virus or bacteria
    8d) Trauma
    9d) Combination of infections
    10d) Contact with particular substance (see 3b)

    I tried to extract the things from the forum which seemed logical enough or offered some kind of hope, though on the site I talked about, theres much more to find, just check that out.

    Many persons have CU, regardless race, skincolor or other factors, do not think you are alone living this. In the forum I also discovered many people feel like monsters and don’t want to even talk about this, they are ashamed of themselves for no good reasons. This has to change, people should become more open and possitive, do not fear to talk about it, at least on this forum, maybe the little thing you know, might help other people a lot! Let’s hope there will be more information about this interesting health issue in the future.

    There’s a really nice gallery with people, who have hives and other allery conditions, check their pictures if you wanna see, that you’re not alone with bloody red eyes, big swollen ears and dotted bodies. Hands down if you upload your picture there, that’s what I call 100% coolness :-))

    And in the end, I have a sci-fi theory for you, I made this up after reading a lot about CU.

    I personally like the opinion with mould or fungus (w.e.) I have a theory: I believe people who have this kind of allergy reactions, absorbed something – some kind of fungus and then it started to grow in their bodies, when temperature of a body changes, then this effect of red dots(marks) appears. Maybe its because the fungus itself doesn’t feel comfortable when having different temperatures (as its used on normal body temp.) and starts to release some kind of toxines or any other kind of substances on which your body is allergic. But this should NOT give you the idea to kill the fugus by entering stuff like cryotherapy sessions, as this is only a wild theory and you could have anaphylactic shock and die. So rather don’t do that!

  41. Martin, Thanku somuch for the valuable information. I really appreciate ur work, lot of information analysed logically, good mate.
    Those pics, my god, PEOPLE DONT WATCH THEM IF U R NOT REALLY BRAVE….they are kind of really scary……
    Martin, so tell us about ur experience with hives.

  42. martin, juz read ur old comment….so actually u have this from when u were 11, I can understand the pain u must have gone thru…..keep up the good work.

  43. found this website….din try it yet…

  44. Hi, Rocky, thanks! Actually that’s some other Martin above there, but nevermind :-) This physical condition is very interesting for me, because it can appear and after some time it is gone. I had it too when I was younger then it stopped, then it appeared again and I have it for some time now. Fortunatelly though my immunity system seem quite strong so I can enjoy the life – I can sport for more than an hour, dance the whole night and the hives are only visible on my belly. I can walk outside in winter without any significant problems, but that’s only because I am sporting type of a person. If I get for example some kind of flu, then the hives are much stronger and all the things I listed are forbidden for me. I can remember the times when I was like 15 y.o. kid, I wasn’t very sporty person and hives appeared even on my hands after about 300m of walking! So I am convinced sport and workout help a lot. I don’t like this condition but I am not that desperate about it either anymore. When I was younger, I was pretty desperate, but you have to think possitive. I also thought that I wouldn’t ever get a girl because of this. That’s crazy, don’t believe in that :-D But still you know, I am limited in some extend. Hives didn’t become my friends, I still want them to go away, but if you learn to accept your condition, learn not to take it so damn seriously then your life will be much better I guess. If anything I can tell that I’ve learned some discipline while having to take meds, control myself while working out, looking up material about it and so on. It made me more mature in a way. See – try to take something positive even from negative experiences.

    P.S: Rocky I laughed when I read you studied Business IT/ICT, since I will hopefully start my master studies of IT management next year :)

  45. Thanku so much for the message bro, well did u hear the latest news???

    Human beings are evolving, the first stage is Hives and the final stage is being VAMPIRES…..coz we cant go out in sun and so cant the vampires aswell…..We are the first lucky batch…!!!!

  46. I have had CU for 2 years and haven’t been able to find a way to decrease my outbreaks. Like many of you, I break out in hives after exercising or if my body temperature rises, and the hives will usually go away within an hour. Still, I have stopped exercising almost entirely (yoga only causes mild outbreaks and is a great stress reliever so try to do that regularly to keep me sane). In the past, I have tried the following for my CU, with no real results: antihistamines, steroids, acupuncture, herbal medicine, drastic diets. After trying a gluten-free diet for a month, I went for a run the other day to see if the diet helped my CU. Not only did I still break out, but my eyes also swelled up and have now been swollen for 2 days. I learned this is called angioedema and can also affect your throat in bad cases and cause anaphylaxis. The hives I could deal with, but the angioedema has me really scared. Has anyone else experienced this and if so, has anything helped?

    Many thanks.

  47. Hello Katrina,
    Welcome to the forum, As i said in my posts, I have done so much and actually it is working, gods grace, i did not break into hives recently at all….its winter now in london and i was afraid that hives are gonna come back but no, coz when i go out i do not wear any jumpers or jackets, do not have heating in my room…etc.. and exercises….I do parkour free running and muay thai……before i go to class i make sure i take citozen hydrochloride, an antihistamine… seems to be helping me and thats it really….god willing it wud never come back but i have to be carefull.

  48. @Katrina also when I went to hospital, my gp clearly said to me there is no immediate cure for it, u wud grow out of it eventually. gp recommended antihistamines in beginning…tried two three types but nothing worked but finally one drug citrogen hydrochloride seems to be having significant effect on my body… wise I am not trying to console u but it wud be nice to believe that u wud also grow out it one day and continue doing ur daily routine rather than worrying about it.. I have learnt it from my own experience..gudluck.

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